OMG! SMALL SPACES, WHAT TO DO? 5 Types of Hanging Furniture for small spaces

October 13, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

So you’ve finally moved into your new apartment, dorm, a hostel or your parents finally let you have that extra room or even house and you are wondering how to make it work!

Yes! I wrote this before... and there is no doubt I love to write about home and small spaces, perhaps a little too much but today I want to introduce to you “Hanging Furniture” or at least that's how I call them.

So why do you need them!?
Most of the time your first idea into furnishing is to get a nice coffee table, nice TV stand, nice bookshelf but all these beautifully designed furniture do take a lot of space to tell you the truth!
So... why not give these a shot?


What I love about these is that instead of having an empty wall you can put your furniture as decore 
and you save a lot of floor space to put other things or if you are just a minimal lover then you want that ample space just to have room for the air.

So here are some hanging furniture that will change your look on your next interior spree.

1. The Hanging Chair

Ok, this is more of a lone wolf type of furniture but you can get this in a bigger size for more people or you could put it next to your double sit sofa so you don't have to look for other types of chairs or more sofas.  

The big plus to this is that, other than being extremely comfortable and relaxing, it is a perfect set for selfies and snaps if you are into the whole “capture every moment” vibe.
You can also use these for outdoors if you want to face the garden or just be able to enjoy the outdoors, consider putting this instead of a couple of chairs and if you are up for a challenge, why not make it a bed?

2. Hanging Bookshelves 

I am not going to lie, this is one of my faves!!!
This furniture offers a very strong sense of style and appeal and I honestly am in love with this.
You can place your books in different ways, and you can use them to put some decorations and some family photos now if this doesn’t save you some space I don’t know what will.

3. Tv on the wall

So we are looking at two ways of doing this
First is the usual put the Tv on the wall and ditch your grandma’s Tv stand but why not take it up a notch?

We are looking at placing a whole Tv system on the wall, remember the bookshelf? Consider putting it next to your Tv, you can add extra shelves round the tv to make the Tv have a unique display and have ample room for more decor.

4. Little Bench on The Wall

I am sure you had your eyebrow up right after finishing that title, ok so I don’t know what to call these but they look like cute little benches with no legs so let a girl be an inventor for once.

What I love about this furniture is that you can get them in whatever size and you can use them in whatever way
Ever thought of a bedside table? You can have these babies a bit above your bed for decor or next to you and use them instead of a bedside.

Scratch that! You can literally place these anywhere and you can even use them for a bookshelf. Cool right?

5. The Hanging Closet

If you are like me, you know not when to pump the breaks when it comes to shopping, so here you are in a small space, lot's of clothes and shoes, what to do?
My advice! get yourself one of these babies...

What more can you ask for? all you need is hangers and you have your closet ready! you can choose how high you want it to be and you can get creative around it, perhaps get some boxes to put more things inside or even get yourself a hanging shoe shelf, I mean you have come this far... why stop now?

As much as such furniture is actually common knowledge in this day and time but you would be surprised on how much people do not really know or think they can make them work so I hope I convinced you to give it a shot, especially if you have a battle with small spaces.

See you guys soon and drop me a comment check 😘