GENTLEMEN These are the 5 ULTIMATE Fragrance applying Points

February 01, 2021 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

 Author: Brian Noel

We all know that one's appearance is what first catches the eye and attracts people to want to come up to you... the personality part always comes after, don't be fooled! Well, your body odour (smell) also plays a huge part too. It isn't visible but highly noticeable from the get-go. You can dress up stylish and all but if you don't smell as good as how you look it just doesn't work. In other words, applying fragrances complements the whole look and therefore very important. 

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 This simple fact is the reason why big companies like Chanel, Hugo Boss, Armani and many more are stacking up their banks in the perfume business... is because body odours have that much sense of importance.
It's 2021 and today I want to correct one big misunderstanding about fragrance application. We think that either we can just apply fragrance anywhere on the body, on our clothes or even in our bags and socks (It's okay! you can come clean... I don't judge) or applying too much of it thinking that it's how it's supposed to be to keep you smelling fresh and sexy is the right way..well, in fact, applying too much can be really irritating and may convey a negative message to others... like you are trying too hard (to the one you are trying to impress maybe)... 
Little is more and if applied in the right spot it could last for hours. The fact of the matter... apply just the right amount of fragrance and to specific points/parts of the body. Parts like:

1: Behind the Ear

    Applying fragrance on pulse points help it last longer and one of those pulse points is behind the ear. Just imagine hugging your loved one on that date you have been planning to go on all week and them sniffing that on you.... can you tell how the atmosphere just changed?
Be careful though, apply BEHIND not ON the ear.

2: Base of Throat

  Another pulse point is on the base of the throat. You can start by spraying once or twice and if you can smell it... apply one more time... It's enough 

3: Chest

    Fragrance/Cologne scent mixes well or should I say best with body chemistry when your skin is moist. Dry skin isn't as effective in absorbing fragrance oils. So before you completely dry up... spray some.

4: Armpits

Yes... this is the ultimate point, armpits! we all grew up raising our hands to the sky every time someone near us sprays some. Well in 2021, this hasn't changed.

5: On the Wrist 

   Spray and let it settle... I guarantee it lasts longer that way! scrubbing it in never keeps it strong. 

    Hope the content was of much help. Comment below your thoughts or on what you would like to know next... Cheers and Stay stylish!