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5 ways to preserve leather and make sure it does not wrinkle

 Hi Besty,

So recently I have been developing a serious love for leather I am talking about leather skirts leather jackets leather pants and everything leather you can think of, which I think is an interesting styling item or choice.

I mean you can never go wrong with leather, do you want to look like the new trendsetter? leather is your BFF.
But then I came to realize one very annoying fact about leather. Taking care of leather items can be a big pain, if you don’t store your jackets or leather clothes well enough, then you will have one massive wrinkle on them. No, no, no! Let me correct that. You will have a serious wrinkle problem that just won’t go away!

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So you picture it in your head the night before, you want to style you some leather so you can look stylish, trendsetting and all that Glam but then you pull up your closet and you bump into a wrinkled skirt! Safe to say that plan is ruined.
Not to mention, have you ever smelt heated leather? yeah, worse than farts!
So how can we properly store leather items so they properly serve us?
Here is how...

1. Don't stash it!

I get it, the first thing you want to do is when you get home is throw everything you had on and just lay there in your birthday suit! But if you truly wanna stay Glam with leather, then you need to give it special attention.
Leather is not easy to straighten nor iron so you always want to make sure your leather items are not underneath a pile of clothes, stashed in the back of your closet, or just laying in a dusty site.
Instead, hang your jacket/pants/skirt on a hanger (one that won't leave marks to be precise) 
This way it will always stay straightened.

So what if it wrinkled from you wearing it?
We are getting there...

2. Don't Clean it the regular cleaning way

Leather is not washed as you wash your sheets, the best way is to get experts to do it for you. Your best shot is at dry cleaners but make sure they actually know how to deal with leather items. Not all dry cleaners can deal with leather. While most people think you do not need to clean up your leather items, it's actually not true because if you wear it... it gets dirty.

3. Store it away from direct sunlight.

Keep it well hung in your closet or in a nonplastic container. You can bring it out for a couple of hours a week to let it breathe but remember to properly store it back.

4. Do not rub off stains.

If you are a clumsy eater as I am, then you are familiar with our most troublesome spilling situation. In the case you stain your leather stop yourself from rubbing the stain off, this is because you might either worsen the stain or create an unremovable mark so instead, treat it with lukewarm water with a good detergent, apply the detergent directly to the stain and gently rub with a wet towel (which was soaked with lukewarm water) after cleaning, make sure you rub off with a dry cloth/ towel till leather is dry.

5. Do not wet 

There are proper ways to clean your jacket, this is way better taken care of in a laundromat. Do not soak your jacket or wet it in just any type of water.
In the case that you must put water in contact with your leather, make sure it is lukewarm. 

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Here Are 7 Best Ways To Shop For Quality Clothes

If you have been through countless articles that tell you how to dress your best, how to look expensive and even Brian’s “Tips To Remember When Building Your Wardrobe

But you are probably still wondering how? What is the magic behind...? 
How can you have all that much clothes in your closet and still not know what to wear? Or worse how can other people have fewer items but look new each time they show up?

So you have heard about the capsule wardrobe and the wardrobe basics but you are still juggling about... you heard about quality over quantity but how is it actually done? How can you actually shop for quality or better yet, how do you know if an item is actually good are some tips to consider when you go shopping... 

1. Check The Colour

Most of the time, colour is one of the most important parts of the cloth. If something is flashy and colourful or calm but still makes a statement it is usually because of the colour combination, and it tends to catch the eye more. So what you want to look for is a good colour combination.
You have probably heard this a lot " Get basic or nude colours for a good capsule wardrobe" well here it comes in... colours like black, white, dark tones like dark blue, dark green, or nude shades like khaki and caramel make it much easier to look classy... I know you are wondering... uh...? Stacy? How does a good colour help me identify quality? Well... that comes in the next part...

2. Fade or True Colour?

You ever liked something then wonder... is this the actual colour or is the material faded? well if you think that... chances are it looks faded and is faded.
So, one good quality of quality clothing is the richness in colour if something appears a bit faded just don't take the risk.
See...?? study your colours and you will always know the difference between a light blue and a fade.

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3. Buttons and Other Accessories Are Where They Are Suppose To Be

Now I am addressing the thrift lovers...
I know cause I am one...
There are many types of thrift as you may have found by now... one big category is the rejects. They look great, yes but they do have minor errors that you want to pay attention to.
The zip should always be interior unless its put to be decorative but if you see the zip sewn on top of your new boyfriend jeans making it exposed chances are that is not the design.
I bet it won't look flattering either. 
What you want to do is always pay attention, are all buttons there? is the zipper where it should be? are other accessories actually flattering or the opposite?

4. Go With Your Gut

Sometimes you feel it in your hear... you know it! but you buy it anyway....
This is exactly how you end up stacking clothes in your closet.
That little feeling that tells you.. "you look too booby in this dress" "you won't sit right in these pants" "you can't breathe in this top" yes that little voice.
Learn to listen to it a bit more because it is the best damage control there is and yes sure you are not a pro... but that's why you need to keep an open mind to ask for advice from vendors.
Not all are honest and faithful so you need to find one store that you trust and befriend them.

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5. Befriend A Store

Find a store you trust with quality and give styling advice like my store Sagula Stores and make them your BFF. You can always ask for their opinion they will always be honest with you.
Finding a good source of clothes is a big issue. You don't have to shop in a big chain store there are many Insta stores that you can shop from with really good quality.
All you need is one good store with a sure source of good quality clothes and you will never have to worry about the quality. They do that good quality sourcing for you already.

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6. Check The Stitches & Interiors

So, have you ever flipped/ turned your dress inside out and asked your self who left the mop on your bed...? Yes, babes! you have been wearing a mop all this time.... don't you dare strip for your boyfriend.
Always check the inside of your clothes. They should always look neat and all the stitches have to be where they are supposed to be that is a big sign that the item is of good quality so don't be scared... slip the clothes inside out and check them. Check out the stitching in the exterior as well that you don't have any hanging threads.

Well, I certainly hope that gives you a good starting point to buy good quality clothes.
Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

7. Always Try it On!

It might look and smell good but on you, it might be totally different. Always try it out before checking out.
Check how the fabric looks on you and against your skin, how does it look when stretched out? then try to invasion the colour and material after washing it... do you think it will maintain the colour? if not... ditch it!


Tips to Remember When Building your Wardrobe

Author: Brian Noel

This topic is actually really interesting, let me tell you why...
Have you ever met those certain type of people who always look like they are wearing a brand new outfit whenever they show up?
Those kinds of people who seem like they never repeat the same clothing more than once??.. Well, I've met such a person once and I have to say what was running in my mind,... this guy is pretty well off financially, because how else can he manage to look brand new on a daily basis? but something inside me kept telling me that there's more to it than just being well off. 

My curiosity was killing me and though they say curiosity killed the cat at that point I didn't care so I decided to go ask him the secret behind..! The reply I got wasn't the one I expected to be honest, all that while I thought he was just buying new clothes each day but I was SO WRONG!
The secret's really simple..he just managed to build his wardrobe with all the essentials needed and would interchange them in different styles depending on the day or the occasion he would be going to. Once I got to know this I immediately started implementing this wardrobe hack ...! I once had trouble stacking up my wardrobe with stuff that I didn't need and sometimes kept on repeating looks despite having a lot to choose from (so I thought) but once I discovered how to build my wardrobe right everything changed. So here are the FOUR tips to help you remember while building your wardrobe: 

1: Basic Colors

 Building your wardrobe always start with basic colours like black, white, blue, grey, olive, beige etc. They are easily interchangeable and easy to match you can rock them on all year round.

2: Quality

    Always choose quality over quantity. Don't flood your wardrobe with cheap low-quality clothing rather go for high-quality clothing that looks premium and ones that last longer. Keep in mind you don't have to spend a lot to get good quality.

3: Versatility 

    Let's be honest, what's the benefit of having 20 shirts if you only wear 7?
  Always go for colours and patterns that are versatile. This will help you create an interchangeable wardrobe

4: Patience

    In my opinion, this is the most important of all. Time will help you realize what else you really need to add to your wardrobe. 
  Also, make sure to keep on festive sales, end of season sales to save pretty good money on clothing!

That's pretty much it. We don't need to stack up unnecessary clothes and end up not wearing them.
By following these few guidelines each day you would be rocking your outfits and hit the streets after all people will always stare let's give them a good reason to do so.
Hope y'all enjoyed the content and found it helpful. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or provide feedback! Cheers, my guys, stay FLY!!

GENTLEMEN These are the 5 ULTIMATE Fragrance applying Points

 Author: Brian Noel

We all know that one's appearance is what first catches the eye and attracts people to want to come up to you... the personality part always comes after, don't be fooled! Well, your body odour (smell) also plays a huge part too. It isn't visible but highly noticeable from the get-go. You can dress up stylish and all but if you don't smell as good as how you look it just doesn't work. In other words, applying fragrances complements the whole look and therefore very important. 

Source: istock

 This simple fact is the reason why big companies like Chanel, Hugo Boss, Armani and many more are stacking up their banks in the perfume business... is because body odours have that much sense of importance.
It's 2021 and today I want to correct one big misunderstanding about fragrance application. We think that either we can just apply fragrance anywhere on the body, on our clothes or even in our bags and socks (It's okay! you can come clean... I don't judge) or applying too much of it thinking that it's how it's supposed to be to keep you smelling fresh and sexy is the right way..well, in fact, applying too much can be really irritating and may convey a negative message to others... like you are trying too hard (to the one you are trying to impress maybe)... 
Little is more and if applied in the right spot it could last for hours. The fact of the matter... apply just the right amount of fragrance and to specific points/parts of the body. Parts like:

1: Behind the Ear

    Applying fragrance on pulse points help it last longer and one of those pulse points is behind the ear. Just imagine hugging your loved one on that date you have been planning to go on all week and them sniffing that on you.... can you tell how the atmosphere just changed?
Be careful though, apply BEHIND not ON the ear.

2: Base of Throat

  Another pulse point is on the base of the throat. You can start by spraying once or twice and if you can smell it... apply one more time... It's enough 

3: Chest

    Fragrance/Cologne scent mixes well or should I say best with body chemistry when your skin is moist. Dry skin isn't as effective in absorbing fragrance oils. So before you completely dry up... spray some.

4: Armpits

Yes... this is the ultimate point, armpits! we all grew up raising our hands to the sky every time someone near us sprays some. Well in 2021, this hasn't changed.

5: On the Wrist 

   Spray and let it settle... I guarantee it lasts longer that way! scrubbing it in never keeps it strong. 

    Hope the content was of much help. Comment below your thoughts or on what you would like to know next... Cheers and Stay stylish!