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Here Is How You Can Start Your Own Skin Care Routine

Happy New Year everyone, it has been a while since I wrote on my blog and damn, do I miss it here.
For my New Year’s resolution, I only have just 1 which is JUST DO IT! As the famous Nike slogan.
I have been wanting to come back to blogging for a while now, but I guess I just never had the chance to do so. For my first blog post of the year, I want to tap into the beauty side after I woke up this morning and just went to shower and I realize some of y’all still do not have a skin care routine it’s a little bit tricky to get started and this is coming from the person who actually knows how to get started so it made me think what about all the people who actually do want to get started and just do not know where to start so here we go…

Here is how you can start your own skin care routine from the comfort of your home…

Talk to a dermatologist

Yeah yeah yeah, I know you’ve heard it all before. If I have to be honest, I too have never visited a dermatologist before. If you never had the need to visit a dermatologist chances are you have a good skin so let’s keep it that way and if the issue is budget, continue reading this post. We are going to get to that soon.

In case you did not know, a dermatologist is a medical practitioner specializing in skin matters and they can help you determine if you have a skin disorder or even understand the behavior of your skin. It is easier to talk to a professional who will give you tests and decide your skin type and tell you what type of products with which ingredients will work best for your skin. It is said that it’s best to visit a dermatologist at least once a year. Now that we’ve gotten this basic one out of the way, let’s go to the normal people ones…

Just take regular showers!!!

Again, another very obvious one you would be surprised how many people do not take this seriously. I know you took that one shower in the morning or when you You had to go out but what about when you’re just at home? You have no plans for the day that’s it. Some just let the day go by. That’s the first way you start failing your skin, your skin needs constant care, constant love and not to mention the amount of bacteria that is around your home whether it’s dust whether it’s just anything that can give you any kind of skin reaction. Trust me a simple shower at least twice a day can go a long way so start small. Take regular showers at least two times a day and see what happens to your skin.

Observe your skin!

Well, some of us cannot afford or haven’t even thought about going to visit a dermatologist. We have to figure out the type of our skin manually. 
There are many types of skins and we will cover this topic another time, so stay tuned and keep logging into this blog so you can read more articles.

You can start by identifying your own skin type based on how it reacts to certain matters such as cold, breezes or heat you just have to notice does your skin get too dry or is it too oily is it so oily that you start getting acne or do you get rushes regularly? and because you don’t understand you are left with options such as Vaseline, coconut oil or the most you try is cocoa butter? Although these aren’t bad or wrong options (again depending on how your skin reacts to it) most of the times these products are only basics that you need for your skin. 
The most important thing to do is to identify what type of skin do you have. Think of it as if you’re hungry and you are in a mood for food you would start observing what are you in the appetite for and that is the same thing you should do for your skin. The only difference is if your skin is dry it means you need a product that will add a bit of moisture to your skin. Therefore, you will need a moisturizer. You will need something that will make it more fresh and shiny whereas if your skin is oily you will need the opposite of that. You need something for oily skin. This is very important when you’re starting to figure out your skin care routine

Moving on…

Visit “Naturalistas”!

Honey, we don’t have the budget for a dermatologist, but rest assured if you visit brands that are locally available and most turn to be affordable, they tend to give you skin care advice. Of course it has to come from the person that’s actually making the product and you do have to observe the skin of the person giving you the advice. This is a cheaper way to get advice for your skin and they will recommend the products. Of course it could be from their own skin care line, which is good because they know what they’re talking about and they have already done enough research on it. 

Stick around to see natural skin care lines we recommend…

Start small!

Think of your skin as a baby the more you feed healthy food the better they grow. In this case, you have to start baby steps. You already have the coconut oil or the Vaseline, buildup from there. You need to stay consistent and you need to see the results. Keep in mind results could take a while so be patient and don’t get side tracked.
You can use coconut oil as a base for something different like a lotion, and keep being consistent with how you use your products. Trust me after sometime, you will see results. And while we are on the patience streak you should know you will also need…


You have to build a routine from day one that you must follow,. Make it a lifestyle, that way… you’re never going to feel like you’re obligated to do it or get annoyed or bored that you have to do it think of it as a self love letter to yourself. 

On the practical side, what do we mean when we say consistency? 

You need to get that at least twice a day shower down then you’ve got to get that layering it could be a moisturizer with something else. Keep in mind if you have oily skin this is probably not going to be the best thing for you, but you could get an aloe vera gel to help you with your skin condition, which ever it would be. Keep using the same products if you realize they are actually good for your skin. You should be very observant with your skin as some product may have a delayed reaction. You need to pay attention to how your skin reacts but if the product works well for your skin. So if you are using a certain soap, keep using the same soap if you are using a certain lotion, keep using the same lotion and I would recommend you use the same brands each time once you know what works for you.


Have fun with it as I said before do not make it a duty instead make it lifestyle and in no time you will see that glow kicking in!!!


A lot of people Are yet to understand the importance of having plants inside your house. A lot of people keep questioning why should I bring in plants if they’re actually meant to be outside the house?

The truth is putting plants inside the house takes more than just beauty and decor, it takes commitment and quite frankly it’s like having a lazy cat, all it does is sit there and wait for you to nurture it. But unlike cats, Plants have not only been the new trend but the healthy Trend.
So today we want to uncover all the reasons and secrets as to why it is actually that important to have plants in your home:

1. Circulates Clean Air

The first thing you are taught in any science class is that humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide what most people don’t know is that plants do the opposite, they inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which is what humans use to breathe. So if you actually think of it, it is because of trees and plants that we are able to breathe more fresh air so why wouldn’t you want that inside your home to have something even more healthy and even more safe?
Have you ever just taken a walk to a park that’s filled with trees? what feeling do you get? I’ll tell you... the first one is that you are alive because you are able to breathe that much fresh air.

2. There is Something About Green

Have you ever walked in the hospital and by any chance find it painted in red or orange? The only part that you will find painted in red in a hospital is usually just the word emergency. Okay, enough beating around the bush what I am actually trying to say is that every colour has a certain feeling that it brings to a person. This is what we call colour psychology.

Most of the time blue is used in hospitals because it is meant to bring peace and calm and green happens to be the second most favourite colour after blue, believe me, green works just the same, it somehow is associated with peace, good luck, good health and even wealth.
In some cultures, green is associated with eternal life.
It is said that your mind naturally gets a stress reliever and is proved to improve reading ability and creativity.

3. Look Good Feel Good

I'm sure you are all very familiar with the saying, let me explain how that works in this case.
Ever had a messy house, just straight-up messy? super untidy it sort of looks like it time travelled back to WWII? how does that leave you feeling? because that makes me super grumpy and tense. 
Adding plants in your house helps to uplift the look of your whole house, once where you sleep looks good trust me, you have no reason waking up and thinking why you are not a stone. 

4. Productivity.......... ✅

Do you sometimes struggle to get work done? you sit in your workspace and you start thinking of twenty other things? well keeping a plant on your desk has been proven to keep you calm and well concentrated. Like I said.... there is something about Green.

6 Fashion Tips to look CONFIDENT in an Life Changing Opportunities!

Written by: Brian Noel

Photo by: The lazy artist gallery

Often in life, we miss the all-important life-changing opportunities and we go hard on ourselves thinking what are we lacking, or is it just bad luck or something. The life-changing possibilities often pass us by you know why??.. because of lacking that all-important life-changing bullet needed, guess what that bullet is??'s CONFIDENCE

 It's a problem that most of us face, I can say almost 85% suffer from this lack of confidence. No lie at one point this was a serious problem for me and trust me it ruined a lot of potential life-changing possibilities. 
I thought perhaps I was just unlucky you know? but then I sat down and started thinking What's really the problem? Why aren't things going my way?? 
 I then realized it was my lack of confidence that was bringing me down and so I started doing all I could do to get rid of this and so discovered some confidence-boosting hacks that changed my life completely! 
 To be honest the starting point is to "Just be YOURSELF"! Whatever hack you try won't work unless you "Be Yourself" and believe me, everything else will come naturally!
 Here are some hacks that I used to boost my confidence levels to ace any event or opportunity I came across whether in life, in business, or in love:


 Smiling is the best thing you can ever wear, whether in a meeting, your first date, job interview..wherever! It actually gives the impression to the receiver how confident you are in anything you do even in those tense situations like job interviews, so wear your smiles often you never know that may be the only component you need in changing your life!

Wear Solid Colors

  Let's be honest here, nobody likes seeing or wants to be associated with a man wearing raggedy pink paisley or complex colored wrinkled-looking shirts...That's a big NO !! Instead, choose solid-looking colors like Dark blue, black, grey, or even olive green! These colors really bloom out your personality. With these colors, I'm sure you can ace whatever you need to do. It worked for me I'm sure it would work for you too!

Body Posture

  I know we talked about wearing the right kind of clothing and all but trust me it won't save you if you have a sloppy body posture! Always sit and walk with your back straight and your head high..ladies can't resist that you know what I mean....?!

Proper Fit

  Wearing the right fit complements and gives a polished presentation about your confidence. Wear clothing according to your body size, height, and skin tone! 

Wear accessories

  I really don't get how can some men survive or go anywhere without putting on basic but important accessories like a watch or a belt! never go anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE!!! without putting on a watch, belt, and proper footwear which complements the kind of outfit your rocking on that particular day! Accessories make your whole look standout so for those who don't rock on these next time PLEASE DO! at least start with a belt and work your way from there.

Photo by: Lucas

Proper Grooming

  Give special attention to grooming details like nose hairs, nails, and beard. If not done properly these might give out some negative impression. In other words, it could be a real buzz kill to the person seeing you.

 Hope you enjoyed it, anything you want to know/learn please leave a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP! 

P.s Always remember Confidence Is Everything! Be confident in anything you do, to anywhere you go, and believe me you are gonna achieve anything and everything in life!

5 ways to preserve leather and make sure it does not wrinkle

 Hi Besty,

So recently I have been developing a serious love for leather I am talking about leather skirts leather jackets leather pants and everything leather you can think of, which I think is an interesting styling item or choice.

I mean you can never go wrong with leather, do you want to look like the new trendsetter? leather is your BFF.
But then I came to realize one very annoying fact about leather. Taking care of leather items can be a big pain, if you don’t store your jackets or leather clothes well enough, then you will have one massive wrinkle on them. No, no, no! Let me correct that. You will have a serious wrinkle problem that just won’t go away!

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So you picture it in your head the night before, you want to style you some leather so you can look stylish, trendsetting and all that Glam but then you pull up your closet and you bump into a wrinkled skirt! Safe to say that plan is ruined.
Not to mention, have you ever smelt heated leather? yeah, worse than farts!
So how can we properly store leather items so they properly serve us?
Here is how...

1. Don't stash it!

I get it, the first thing you want to do is when you get home is throw everything you had on and just lay there in your birthday suit! But if you truly wanna stay Glam with leather, then you need to give it special attention.
Leather is not easy to straighten nor iron so you always want to make sure your leather items are not underneath a pile of clothes, stashed in the back of your closet, or just laying in a dusty site.
Instead, hang your jacket/pants/skirt on a hanger (one that won't leave marks to be precise) 
This way it will always stay straightened.

So what if it wrinkled from you wearing it?
We are getting there...

2. Don't Clean it the regular cleaning way

Leather is not washed as you wash your sheets, the best way is to get experts to do it for you. Your best shot is at dry cleaners but make sure they actually know how to deal with leather items. Not all dry cleaners can deal with leather. While most people think you do not need to clean up your leather items, it's actually not true because if you wear it... it gets dirty.

3. Store it away from direct sunlight.

Keep it well hung in your closet or in a nonplastic container. You can bring it out for a couple of hours a week to let it breathe but remember to properly store it back.

4. Do not rub off stains.

If you are a clumsy eater as I am, then you are familiar with our most troublesome spilling situation. In the case you stain your leather stop yourself from rubbing the stain off, this is because you might either worsen the stain or create an unremovable mark so instead, treat it with lukewarm water with a good detergent, apply the detergent directly to the stain and gently rub with a wet towel (which was soaked with lukewarm water) after cleaning, make sure you rub off with a dry cloth/ towel till leather is dry.

5. Do not wet 

There are proper ways to clean your jacket, this is way better taken care of in a laundromat. Do not soak your jacket or wet it in just any type of water.
In the case that you must put water in contact with your leather, make sure it is lukewarm. 

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