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5 Tips To Rock Your Street Style Even With A Covid Mask

2020 has brought upon us a lot of different changes in our social lives and the one most significant change is the whole new mask tradition... pppffft!
While most places state its safe to go out face naked, we can’t shake the feeling we all know so well.. and that is better safe than sorry!

No one wants to mess around “the vid” but on the other side, we fashionistas have had a tough time! We want to rock a good pair of glasses but that only works miracles if you can see the lip shade and masks have got us feeling like sacks of potatoes.
Making it pointless to put on any makeup I mean! Do you see just how disgusting your mask gets after hours of rubbing against your lipstick? On the other-side half the time I go out looking exactly like a potato so a little pressure off the makeup (and I saved a lot of money from not buying makeup  LOL... talk about glass half full) but I don’t like my options taken from me 😩

So we figured we definitely can’t be the only ones going through this! So how can we still sexy-fy our beautiful faces & still look stylish with this whole crisis happening?
Wearing a mask has become so normal for me that going out with no mask makes me eek!
So we gathered a couple of ideas for you to throw on!

1. Rock The Hell Off Of Your Lashes

If you can’t fly with your eyelashes I suggest add some more!
You want your eyes to speak when your mouth is covered!
You can try different eyelash extensions till you find the kind that works for you.
I am talking about Ostrich x Peacock feathers ladies go big or go potato!

2. Eyeshadow is key

Once upon a time, we spent time on lipstick and less on eyeshadow now! You have to switch that babe...
Go for some drama go for statements.
Sure keep your lips hydrated so you can go with some good gloss on the plus, you don’t have to deal with the disgusting mask anymore.

3. Wear Translucent / See Through Shades

Ok! This might hurt a bit! At least for me... 
I like to leave my eyes mysterious but dark shades no longer favour us with a mask on... so unless you have private transportation and you don’t need to put a mask on you have to get shopping.
You can wear dummy glasses but if the sun and bright lights are no friends of yours then you can get coloured shades that still show your eyes.

4. Accessorise Your Mask

Remember the time wearing plain glasses got too boring!? We went the extra mile, didn’t we!?
So it’s time we do the same with masks!
Try adding a bit of pearl, glitter or even try making your own mask!


I repeat! Do not wear any blue/ white doctor’s mask!
They are the definition of boring and dull and work with no outfit.
It’s like having a fabulous outfit and whacky shoes... it just steals from the whole look!
Go for a plain black mask if you can't really figure out what will work for you otherwise, we suggest go crazy... go stylish and go swagg-licious
Get a patterned or graphic mask and make it work!

Bonus Point: Look At It As A New It Accessory 

The state of mind will do a great deal for you.
If you keep looking at it as a thing you “must” wear that will never end well for you!
Think of it as a new “Ivy Park” must-have accessory or a new “Nike” accessory that every trendsetter is working with, shop for masks as you shop for shoes... you can’t go with only one pair for a month, can you? So make it a new “to shop” item and in no time it will get fun and exciting! Just as you won’t buy boring dull shoes you won’t buy boring blue/white masks. Tie up your mask to your whole look.


6 Fashion Tips to look CONFIDENT in Life Changing Opportunities!

Often, we miss the important life-changing opportunities and we go hard on ourselves thinking what are we lacking?, or is it just bad luck? The life-changing possibilities often pass us by sometimes with very little mistakes call it "the life-changing bullet" guess what that bullet is??'s CONFIDENCE

It's a problem that most of us faced ( and ARE still facing). No lie at one point I also had this problem and trust me it ruined a lot of potential life changing opportunities. I thought perhaps I was just unlucky you know, but then I sat down and started thinking What's really the matter? Why aren't things going my way?? 
 I then realized it was my lack of confidence that was bringing me down and so I started doing all I could to get rid of this. So I discovered some confidence-boosting hacks that changed my life completely! 
 To be honest the starting point is... "Just be YOURSELF"! start from there because if you don't, whatever hack you try won't work, believe me, everything else will come naturally!
Here are some hacks that I used to boost my confidence up to ace any life-changing event or opportunity and here is how you can to:


A smile is the best outfit you can ever wear, whether in a meeting, your first date, job interview..wherever! It actually gives the impression to the receiver how confident your in anything you do even in those tense situation like job interviews so, wear your smiles often you never know that may be the only component you need in changing your life!

Wear Solid Colors

Let's be honest here, nobody likes seeing or wants to be associated with a man wearing raggedy pink paisley or complex colored wrinkled looking shirts unless fashion and style come easy for you and wearing such complex colours is like a glass of water for you otherwise..that's a big NO!! Instead, choose solid-looking colors like Dark blue, black, grey or even olive green! These colors really bloom out of your personality. With these colors I'm sure you can ace that all-important job interview or that first date. It worked for me I'm sure it would work for y'all too!

Body Posture

I know we talked about wearing the right kind of clothing and all but trust me it won't save you if you have a sloppy body posture! Always sit and walk with your back straight and your head high..nobody can resist that...!

Proper Fit

Wearing the right fit complements and gives a polished presentation about your confidence. Wear clothing according to your body size, height and skin tone! 

Wear accessories

I really don't get how can some men survive or go anywhere without putting on basic but important accessories like a watch or a belt! My guys never go anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE without putting on  a watch, belt and proper footwear which complements the kind of outfit your rocking on that particular day! Accessories make your whole look standout so for those who don't rock on these next time PLEASE DO! 

Proper Grooming

Give special attention to grooming details like nose hair, nails and beard. If not done properly these might give out some negative impression. In other words... to the person seeing you unproperly groomed it could be a real buzz kill!!

Always remember Confidence Is Everything! Be confident in anything you do, to anywhere you go and believe me you are gonna achieve anything and everything in life!

Our Favourite Cara Delevingne 2020 Looks

The British model/ actress is one of the people that always manages to catch our eyes with her stunning style and trendsetting style.

It started off with her fierce sneaker game but we are way past that and we have all taken our pen and notebooks to take some notes from her sexy yet sophisticated looks that she has been serving us throughout the years.

While this year has blocked our trendspotting activity because of all the lockdowns, Cara still managed to show up on her media her amazing looks and here are some of our favourites that deserve to be duplicated.

Cara in Puma shoes and Animal Print Hoodie

Cara in the AMAs 2020 wearing Dolce & Gabbana

Cara in a Dior Sheer-lace dress from their Spring 2020 collection paired with Dior fishnet heels. 

Cara in a Puma two piece 

Cara in a lavender pantsuit and white T-shirt paired with white booties 

6 Clothing Pieces You Need To Slay #winteriscoming

It's that time of the year again fellas, the time to look fancy rocking them heavy, stylish, cosy garments that you don't really get to wear on summer or spring. Garments like jackets, coats add that sophisticated, class value once you rock them on PLUS super comfortable and provide you with the warmth you need throughout the winter season

 Winter's the type of season where you really need to get out of your way and enhance your wardrobe and that's what I'm here for fellas, so here are the "6 clothing you need this Winter"

1: Leather Jacket

If you don't have a leather jacket in your wardrobe then it's high time you get one because it's super cosy, warm, plus it never gets out of fashion. 
 A leather jacket can be paired with any outfit whether with a T-shirt or shirt with jeans or even sweat pants and you can also add a turtle neck for the more sophisticated classy look...which brings me to the second clothing you need for winter

2: Turtle neck collar sweater

Super stylish, comfortable, cosy, warm plus like leather coats it never goes out of fashion (always on-trend) 
It can be paired with a suit, a pair of jeans...depending on your styling sense of course. 
Colours like black, brown, white, grey and olive green made are highly recommended they can easily be paired with any outfit!

3: Sweater

If you wanna go for that simple casual look a sweater is go-to clothing for sure. Can be paired with a pair of jeans, shorts with some simple footwear at the bottom. 
Again, colours like black, brown, grey, white are highly recommended

4: Denim Jacket

My all-time favourite garment to date. Super stylish, sexy, comfortable..and again hands down my favourite garment ( Sorry I said twice had to get my point across Lol). It's one of those essential clothing that Everyman should have. Colours: black, blue (light blue mostly preferred), grey and brown are highly recommended

5: Hoodies

This is one of the simplest clothing items and it's often the "Don't know what to wear today" type of clothing. Very simple, casual plus can easily be paired with anything whether with jeans, shorts, sweat name it! Colours most preferred are black, grey, peach, brown and blue!

6: Trench Coats

My favourite classy go-to clothing. Once you rock it on, it adds up that special touch of class and the feeling of importance you know what I mean?! Plus it's super cosy, warm and comfortable especially during the winter season. 

There you go guys..the 6 types of clothing to look super stylish, sexy, warm, fancy during the winter. Hope you've enjoyed my content and I really hope these tips really help/ will help on preparing all y'all for the winter season ahead! 

What would you like to know/learn more?? Let me know on the comments below

Brian Kipangule