5 Tips To Rock Your Street Style Even With A Covid Mask

December 23, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

2020 has brought upon us a lot of different changes in our social lives and the one most significant change is the whole new mask tradition... pppffft!
While most places state its safe to go out face naked, we can’t shake the feeling we all know so well.. and that is better safe than sorry!

No one wants to mess around “the vid” but on the other side, we fashionistas have had a tough time! We want to rock a good pair of glasses but that only works miracles if you can see the lip shade and masks have got us feeling like sacks of potatoes.
Making it pointless to put on any makeup I mean! Do you see just how disgusting your mask gets after hours of rubbing against your lipstick? On the other-side half the time I go out looking exactly like a potato so a little pressure off the makeup (and I saved a lot of money from not buying makeup  LOL... talk about glass half full) but I don’t like my options taken from me 😩

So we figured we definitely can’t be the only ones going through this! So how can we still sexy-fy our beautiful faces & still look stylish with this whole crisis happening?
Wearing a mask has become so normal for me that going out with no mask makes me eek!
So we gathered a couple of ideas for you to throw on!

1. Rock The Hell Off Of Your Lashes

If you can’t fly with your eyelashes I suggest add some more!
You want your eyes to speak when your mouth is covered!
You can try different eyelash extensions till you find the kind that works for you.
I am talking about Ostrich x Peacock feathers ladies go big or go potato!

2. Eyeshadow is key

Once upon a time, we spent time on lipstick and less on eyeshadow now! You have to switch that babe...
Go for some drama go for statements.
Sure keep your lips hydrated so you can go with some good gloss on the plus, you don’t have to deal with the disgusting mask anymore.

3. Wear Translucent / See Through Shades

Ok! This might hurt a bit! At least for me... 
I like to leave my eyes mysterious but dark shades no longer favour us with a mask on... so unless you have private transportation and you don’t need to put a mask on you have to get shopping.
You can wear dummy glasses but if the sun and bright lights are no friends of yours then you can get coloured shades that still show your eyes.

4. Accessorise Your Mask

Remember the time wearing plain glasses got too boring!? We went the extra mile, didn’t we!?
So it’s time we do the same with masks!
Try adding a bit of pearl, glitter or even try making your own mask!



I repeat! Do not wear any blue/ white doctor’s mask!
They are the definition of boring and dull and work with no outfit.
It’s like having a fabulous outfit and whacky shoes... it just steals from the whole look!
Go for a plain black mask if you can't really figure out what will work for you otherwise, we suggest go crazy... go stylish and go swagg-licious
Get a patterned or graphic mask and make it work!

Bonus Point: Look At It As A New It Accessory 

The state of mind will do a great deal for you.
If you keep looking at it as a thing you “must” wear that will never end well for you!
Think of it as a new “Ivy Park” must-have accessory or a new “Nike” accessory that every trendsetter is working with, shop for masks as you shop for shoes... you can’t go with only one pair for a month, can you? So make it a new “to shop” item and in no time it will get fun and exciting! Just as you won’t buy boring dull shoes you won’t buy boring blue/white masks. Tie up your mask to your whole look.