5 ways to preserve leather and make sure it does not wrinkle

May 10, 2021 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

 Hi Besty,

So recently I have been developing a serious love for leather I am talking about leather skirts leather jackets leather pants and everything leather you can think of, which I think is an interesting styling item or choice.

I mean you can never go wrong with leather, do you want to look like the new trendsetter? leather is your BFF.
But then I came to realize one very annoying fact about leather. Taking care of leather items can be a big pain, if you don’t store your jackets or leather clothes well enough, then you will have one massive wrinkle on them. No, no, no! Let me correct that. You will have a serious wrinkle problem that just won’t go away!

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So you picture it in your head the night before, you want to style you some leather so you can look stylish, trendsetting and all that Glam but then you pull up your closet and you bump into a wrinkled skirt! Safe to say that plan is ruined.
Not to mention, have you ever smelt heated leather? yeah, worse than farts!
So how can we properly store leather items so they properly serve us?
Here is how...

1. Don't stash it!

I get it, the first thing you want to do is when you get home is throw everything you had on and just lay there in your birthday suit! But if you truly wanna stay Glam with leather, then you need to give it special attention.
Leather is not easy to straighten nor iron so you always want to make sure your leather items are not underneath a pile of clothes, stashed in the back of your closet, or just laying in a dusty site.
Instead, hang your jacket/pants/skirt on a hanger (one that won't leave marks to be precise) 
This way it will always stay straightened.

So what if it wrinkled from you wearing it?
We are getting there...

2. Don't Clean it the regular cleaning way

Leather is not washed as you wash your sheets, the best way is to get experts to do it for you. Your best shot is at dry cleaners but make sure they actually know how to deal with leather items. Not all dry cleaners can deal with leather. While most people think you do not need to clean up your leather items, it's actually not true because if you wear it... it gets dirty.

3. Store it away from direct sunlight.

Keep it well hung in your closet or in a nonplastic container. You can bring it out for a couple of hours a week to let it breathe but remember to properly store it back.

4. Do not rub off stains.

If you are a clumsy eater as I am, then you are familiar with our most troublesome spilling situation. In the case you stain your leather stop yourself from rubbing the stain off, this is because you might either worsen the stain or create an unremovable mark so instead, treat it with lukewarm water with a good detergent, apply the detergent directly to the stain and gently rub with a wet towel (which was soaked with lukewarm water) after cleaning, make sure you rub off with a dry cloth/ towel till leather is dry.

5. Do not wet 

There are proper ways to clean your jacket, this is way better taken care of in a laundromat. Do not soak your jacket or wet it in just any type of water.
In the case that you must put water in contact with your leather, make sure it is lukewarm. 

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