Here Are 7 Best Ways To Shop For Quality Clothes

February 22, 2021 Being Anastazia 12 Comments

If you have been through countless articles that tell you how to dress your best, how to look expensive and even Brian’s “Tips To Remember When Building Your Wardrobe

But you are probably still wondering how? What is the magic behind...? 
How can you have all that much clothes in your closet and still not know what to wear? Or worse how can other people have fewer items but look new each time they show up?

So you have heard about the capsule wardrobe and the wardrobe basics but you are still juggling about... you heard about quality over quantity but how is it actually done? How can you actually shop for quality or better yet, how do you know if an item is actually good are some tips to consider when you go shopping... 

1. Check The Colour

Most of the time, colour is one of the most important parts of the cloth. If something is flashy and colourful or calm but still makes a statement it is usually because of the colour combination, and it tends to catch the eye more. So what you want to look for is a good colour combination.
You have probably heard this a lot " Get basic or nude colours for a good capsule wardrobe" well here it comes in... colours like black, white, dark tones like dark blue, dark green, or nude shades like khaki and caramel make it much easier to look classy... I know you are wondering... uh...? Stacy? How does a good colour help me identify quality? Well... that comes in the next part...

2. Fade or True Colour?

You ever liked something then wonder... is this the actual colour or is the material faded? well if you think that... chances are it looks faded and is faded.
So, one good quality of quality clothing is the richness in colour if something appears a bit faded just don't take the risk.
See...?? study your colours and you will always know the difference between a light blue and a fade.

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3. Buttons and Other Accessories Are Where They Are Suppose To Be

Now I am addressing the thrift lovers...
I know cause I am one...
There are many types of thrift as you may have found by now... one big category is the rejects. They look great, yes but they do have minor errors that you want to pay attention to.
The zip should always be interior unless its put to be decorative but if you see the zip sewn on top of your new boyfriend jeans making it exposed chances are that is not the design.
I bet it won't look flattering either. 
What you want to do is always pay attention, are all buttons there? is the zipper where it should be? are other accessories actually flattering or the opposite?

4. Go With Your Gut

Sometimes you feel it in your hear... you know it! but you buy it anyway....
This is exactly how you end up stacking clothes in your closet.
That little feeling that tells you.. "you look too booby in this dress" "you won't sit right in these pants" "you can't breathe in this top" yes that little voice.
Learn to listen to it a bit more because it is the best damage control there is and yes sure you are not a pro... but that's why you need to keep an open mind to ask for advice from vendors.
Not all are honest and faithful so you need to find one store that you trust and befriend them.

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5. Befriend A Store

Find a store you trust with quality and give styling advice like my store Sagula Stores and make them your BFF. You can always ask for their opinion they will always be honest with you.
Finding a good source of clothes is a big issue. You don't have to shop in a big chain store there are many Insta stores that you can shop from with really good quality.
All you need is one good store with a sure source of good quality clothes and you will never have to worry about the quality. They do that good quality sourcing for you already.

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6. Check The Stitches & Interiors

So, have you ever flipped/ turned your dress inside out and asked your self who left the mop on your bed...? Yes, babes! you have been wearing a mop all this time.... don't you dare strip for your boyfriend.
Always check the inside of your clothes. They should always look neat and all the stitches have to be where they are supposed to be that is a big sign that the item is of good quality so don't be scared... slip the clothes inside out and check them. Check out the stitching in the exterior as well that you don't have any hanging threads.

Well, I certainly hope that gives you a good starting point to buy good quality clothes.
Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

7. Always Try it On!

It might look and smell good but on you, it might be totally different. Always try it out before checking out.
Check how the fabric looks on you and against your skin, how does it look when stretched out? then try to invasion the colour and material after washing it... do you think it will maintain the colour? if not... ditch it!



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