6 Clothing Pieces You Need To Slay #winteriscoming

November 09, 2020 Being Anastazia 13 Comments

It's that time of the year again fellas, the time to look fancy rocking them heavy, stylish, cosy garments that you don't really get to wear on summer or spring. Garments like jackets, coats add that sophisticated, class value once you rock them on PLUS super comfortable and provide you with the warmth you need throughout the winter season

 Winter's the type of season where you really need to get out of your way and enhance your wardrobe and that's what I'm here for fellas, so here are the "6 clothing you need this Winter"

1: Leather Jacket

If you don't have a leather jacket in your wardrobe then it's high time you get one because it's super cosy, warm, plus it never gets out of fashion. 
 A leather jacket can be paired with any outfit whether with a T-shirt or shirt with jeans or even sweat pants and you can also add a turtle neck for the more sophisticated classy look...which brings me to the second clothing you need for winter

2: Turtle neck collar sweater

Super stylish, comfortable, cosy, warm plus like leather coats it never goes out of fashion (always on-trend) 
It can be paired with a suit, a pair of jeans...depending on your styling sense of course. 
Colours like black, brown, white, grey and olive green made are highly recommended they can easily be paired with any outfit!

3: Sweater

If you wanna go for that simple casual look a sweater is go-to clothing for sure. Can be paired with a pair of jeans, shorts with some simple footwear at the bottom. 
Again, colours like black, brown, grey, white are highly recommended

4: Denim Jacket

My all-time favourite garment to date. Super stylish, sexy, comfortable..and again hands down my favourite garment ( Sorry I said twice had to get my point across Lol). It's one of those essential clothing that Everyman should have. Colours: black, blue (light blue mostly preferred), grey and brown are highly recommended

5: Hoodies

This is one of the simplest clothing items and it's often the "Don't know what to wear today" type of clothing. Very simple, casual plus can easily be paired with anything whether with jeans, shorts, sweat name it! Colours most preferred are black, grey, peach, brown and blue!

6: Trench Coats

My favourite classy go-to clothing. Once you rock it on, it adds up that special touch of class and the feeling of importance you know what I mean?! Plus it's super cosy, warm and comfortable especially during the winter season. 

There you go guys..the 6 types of clothing to look super stylish, sexy, warm, fancy during the winter. Hope you've enjoyed my content and I really hope these tips really help/ will help on preparing all y'all for the winter season ahead! 

What would you like to know/learn more?? Let me know on the comments below

Brian Kipangule


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