It's All About These 6 Items to build your work inspiring HOME OFFICE

April 19, 2020 Being Anastazia 2 Comments

So the COVID 19 has finally caught up to you... sure! at first, skipping the early sound of the wake-up alarm was amazing... you got to work from home and in your sweat pants sometimes even underwear... why not? besides a video call only shows your upper body so... nobody will know! That is unless a fire starts and you have to get up and run... kkkkkkkkkkk Can you imagine that for a second??

You have worked from your bed, from the kitchen as you cook and even in your dining room but it is finally getting to you! You need some inspiration because that lifestyle is just not cutting it! you get lazier by the second and you find it hard to get any work done.

I am always working from home so I know how that feels... there are times my inspiration just flies out the window and I cannot seem to get anything done other than just laying there and wondering how much weight I gain from that! it is very depressing... you wonder like why am I even here... or what am I doing with my life??? Until I decided to build my workspace...

I am here to tell you all you need to know... to change that state you are in! and we are going to start by building a home work station for you.

Apart from the obvious... which is you need space to do any of this... here is what you will need:


1. A Table

Well of course you do! forget that dining table, it is not going to cut it! especially cause you have to move every time food is getting served.
So start by getting a table of the size you want! how much do you have to work? how much space do you need?
Next up picking a colour that motivates you! for me, white or pink are my go-to motivational colours so had to pick what was cheapest and easy to find and it was white. That's what I went for.

I know it sounds silly but your mind works in a mysterious way. You have a higher chance of staying on your work spot because you like how it looks than if it was just random.

2. Get Your Dream Chair

I personally like a good old fashion chair that can spin me and wheel me to the other side of the room... because I am just lazy like that.
Pick a chair that fits in the table so you have space after you are done working. Pick a chair that you like and once again... pick a colour you like!

3. A Photo Frame With A Picture Of Your Loved Ones

I don't know about you but for me... my family is my biggest motivation... so I have a picture of my Mother and my family all over my desk.
If that won't get you... think that you have to do something good for them and you will need money for that! trust me that will put you back to work.

4. Cute Props

This could be anything. I personally have a flamingo book holder, a wooden accessory holder, a picture that says "Good Vibes Only" and so many more things that from afar seem unnecessary but give me just enough energy to sit down and work because I actually like how it feels being there.
Do the same... find props that you enjoy looking at! it could be as simple as a mug or an eraser.

5. Get A Board

It could be a vision board or a to-do list board. Have some sticky notes on it and some pins. Put it on your wall and it would be a reason for you to move around your space. You have to write down what you want to do in a day and cross it off every time you get it done. It will also remind you of what you need to do still.
I know you are wondering why not just use my notebook or my phone app... well! the answer is simple... it's because old is gold and most of all we are looking for inspiration. Using your phone would only be a distraction for you, trust me somehow you will end up in some other app you shouldn't be visiting.

6. Make it An Office

Be proud of your space... look at it as your source of income... respect it! love it! keep it clean! take pictures on and of it... make rules around it like if you have a full room, you can use a make an appointment strategy or my personal favourite use a sign. I usually hang "I'm busy" or"in a meeting" to avoid destructions from others around me and if i am filming i would put up "on-air" or  " In a photo session" if I have to be taking some product photography.

Overall your space is what you make it and inspiration comes from what you are comfortable with so start looking for ideas and see what you would like to feature in your space.
Share pictures of your office/ home working space and tag @thestyledepartment_falibe to be featured on our page.