10 Man Cave Essentials You Need Today For You Man Space!

April 16, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Personal space is a must-have for most people especially those with families or living with flatmates/ lovers. You want your own space that you have total control over everything from the design to the furniture.
you can use this space for your relaxing "you time" or even make it a place you can play, work and just binge in video games and movies.

We know that most girls are very territorial and so at least 8 girls out of 10 will be in total control of the household, or if you are not really into a relationship but you are still sharing your living space with family or flatmates, what goes in and what goes where is never really your decision alone... so the question is... what do men really want or need to build their own layer?

Here are some man cave essentials or needs!

1. Space

To build a layer you need the space itself, so where are you using? my honest opinion... use anywhere else other than your bedroom.
You can use your garage, basement, storeroom or even attic. Let your bedroom be the last option you have.
So decide on your space and we can get to the interiors!

2. A Personal Touch

You will need something that makes you recognize that... that is your space! You can decide on the colours you want to go with if you would like to change the wall colour. If you are okay with what is then you can skip that part.
Add a poster or few graphics of your licking so the walls aren't so empty.
What makes you... you? are you an artist? so why not add a guitar? or a painting station..?  If you are a gamer... make a shelf filled with your play station game collection, bring in the PS and there! it is starting to feel like you right?

3. Bean Bag and/ or Hammock

A man cave is not complete without one of these!
You want to have a poof/ bean bag for your Tv sessions, weather gaming or binging on the latest series and even watching a football game if you are a fan.

A hammock is perfect for keeping you relaxed and if you do pick up a book every once in a while... this could be the best spot in the house to read it.

4. A Comfy Sofa and Lounge

It could be your grandma's old sofa but I suggest you go for something big enough for when your pals come to visit. Why not?
If you are not about to invest on a sofa, get a nice carpet and fill it with big pillows! just in case you have movie nights... these are really going to be useful!

5. Tech

At least 9 guys out of 10 are into tech! so get your two computer screens, get your tablet,  your laptop, play station, sound system and most of all a Television set!
Do you know how annoying it is to move around without your phone charger? so to make it simpler for you... make sure you have one charger for your phone just for your man cave.

6. A Smart Tv

No lie! everyone is on Netflix now... so why not get a smart Tv that already has Netflix on it? connect it to cable... whichever you use! and you are all set.

7. A Sound System

We want to hear the bass from the next room! so you can get a complete subwoofer or you can go with a powerful Bluetooth speaker so you can easily move around with it.

8. Amazing Lighting

A lot of people put on a coloured light but I don't recommend that! because I do not think it is so good for your eyes so... get the normal main lights... dim lights for the dark especially when you are watching a movie and don't want to be scared by the jacket hanging next to the Tv. Get a glowing light that you can turn on in the night... heck! you can even add some disco lights for a little get together you plan on having after the corona crisis is over.

Speaking about disco...

9. Mini-Bar

Build your own mini bar... get a small fridge that you can put a few drinks in, get some plastic cups for when company comes over so you don't have to wash after they leave but if you are not lazy and you care about the environment get good glasses and store them in a cabinet. If you have space big enough you can even add high stools for the bar.
Keep a snack stash... and I don't think people will be seeing you much around.

10. Games

Apart from the Play Station... you can get extra games like darts, cards, Pingpong, board games etc

Bonus points...

Here are some other things that could be useful...

1. A sign

You can get a sign that says you are entering the layer.... or man cave.
It is really not a must but it could just make the place glow up and could give the visitor a heads up of what they are walking into!

2. Self Cleaning Vacuum

If you have no plans of cleaning up your cave space or you think you will be a little reluctant to do it, get a vacuum that will do it for you!
You can buy on any online store. Keep the place clean always!
You can get a hanger that you can always hang your jackets... hats and whatever so your place stays neat and the vacuum can easily clean up.

3. Workout Spot

If you are into exercises... you can make a small gym in the corner of your cave. Bring in some Dumbbells and a mat, shoes e.t.c