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Here are some time passing activities for this COVID lockdown

Written by: Tommy
Edited by: The Style Department

The terrible COVID-19 crisis is the main topic in every conversation lately. All over the social media, we see how the deadly virus is spreading in different countries, cities and how seriously dangerous it is and how it affects people healthwise and socially.

 The number of infected goes up every single day. That's why it's so important to stay home, isolating from any social contacts because its the best way to stop the virus at the moment.

Social isolation is seriously the worst. As people, we are so used to be able to enjoy the company of our friends, coworkers and etc. It is hard to deal with the fact that you have to be sort of a way locked up like some kind of prisoner, but to be honest there are some great privileges of staying home.

You actually have numerous ways to entertain yourself from home and you didn’t even know. Well, now... you have all the time to figure them out.

1. You can chill in bed as much as you want to. 

Remember how you hated it when you had to get up super early every day? well, this is the time to pay that back!
No need to get up early for school or work. You are waking up, fresh as a pickle ready to start a nice day.

2. You have a lot of time to watch movies or tv series.

Netflix does not disappoint! it fills up new movies every day so you can not run out of things to watch.
You can basically do that all day. It takes all the pressure off you and your mind is focused on something else and that way time passes really fast

3. You get to spend more time with your family. 

Your natural daily routine, always in a big hurry you don’t actually spend enough time with your family. Well, now you can change that and get to know yourselves a little better. Make the most of this time because once it's over it will be a marathon trying to catch up to all the damage the lockdown has caused.

4. You can exercise. 

Yeah, fitnesses are all closed but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do fitness at home, do yoga, pilates or just some simple exercises to keep you in shape during the quarantine.
Imagine looking your best when it's all over!

5. You can also try some new activities. 

Explore your talents. Try doing something you usually don't like or don't do... cooking, writing, painting, singing. Whatever it is even if it's bad the first time, just do something to keep your mind off of the boredom.

6. You can try some DIYs. 

You can start with clothes... there are always the ones in the corner of your drawer and you never wear them. You can crop them or dye them, to make them cute. And you come back to school, or work, or hanging out with friends you will have some fresh new fits.

Speaking about fits, making your own little fashion show at home is always a fun, entertaining way to spend time. Just wear your favourite clothes and style them with some cute jewellery. If you want to you can put some makeup for a finished look

7. Catch up with friends

If you miss your friends, as much as I miss mine you can always video-chat with them. Just chill out and talk about things you normally talk about. Tell them you miss them and you can’t wait to see them again.
During all the free time you have, you can also do something sweet for your friends for the time you get to see them again. A little sentimental gift or something you did yourself, to remind them you thought of them during all the time

8. Do a deep clean up

Okay, I am well aware that a lot of you might not take this one seriously, but you can always clean. Normally, you don't have time to get to under your sofas and on top of your windows so... blast your favourite playlist to the max and just dance and sing while you are doing the housework. You know what they say... "clean house, clean mind".

9. You can catch up with work.

If you are in school and maybe you are not doing so great at school, well now you can open your books and try to study.
If you work... you can try to improve some skills or perhaps you can focus on all the work you need to catch up to.

10. You can explore some new music or artists. 

Trust me! music can totally get you out of your reality and make you feel better. Check some new albums, maybe ask your parents about their favourite band or artists... get into the old school or look for who is trending. Music for me... touches the soul, see if it touches yours too.

In the end and most importantly don’t forget to keep yourself calm, yeah it sucks! but things will get better. We all have to go through this... So you are not alone... let's love each other from afar and fight against COVID 19 by isolating.
I promise you the moment when all this is over and you finally have the chance to hug the people you love is coming soon. And when it comes, all this will be just a memory. Just hold on...

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