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May 14, 2021 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

A lot of people Are yet to understand the importance of having plants inside your house. A lot of people keep questioning why should I bring in plants if they’re actually meant to be outside the house?

The truth is putting plants inside the house takes more than just beauty and decor, it takes commitment and quite frankly it’s like having a lazy cat, all it does is sit there and wait for you to nurture it. But unlike cats, Plants have not only been the new trend but the healthy Trend.
So today we want to uncover all the reasons and secrets as to why it is actually that important to have plants in your home:

1. Circulates Clean Air

The first thing you are taught in any science class is that humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide what most people don’t know is that plants do the opposite, they inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which is what humans use to breathe. So if you actually think of it, it is because of trees and plants that we are able to breathe more fresh air so why wouldn’t you want that inside your home to have something even more healthy and even more safe?
Have you ever just taken a walk to a park that’s filled with trees? what feeling do you get? I’ll tell you... the first one is that you are alive because you are able to breathe that much fresh air.

2. There is Something About Green

Have you ever walked in the hospital and by any chance find it painted in red or orange? The only part that you will find painted in red in a hospital is usually just the word emergency. Okay, enough beating around the bush what I am actually trying to say is that every colour has a certain feeling that it brings to a person. This is what we call colour psychology.

Most of the time blue is used in hospitals because it is meant to bring peace and calm and green happens to be the second most favourite colour after blue, believe me, green works just the same, it somehow is associated with peace, good luck, good health and even wealth.
In some cultures, green is associated with eternal life.
It is said that your mind naturally gets a stress reliever and is proved to improve reading ability and creativity.

3. Look Good Feel Good

I'm sure you are all very familiar with the saying, let me explain how that works in this case.
Ever had a messy house, just straight-up messy? super untidy it sort of looks like it time travelled back to WWII? how does that leave you feeling? because that makes me super grumpy and tense. 
Adding plants in your house helps to uplift the look of your whole house, once where you sleep looks good trust me, you have no reason waking up and thinking why you are not a stone. 

4. Productivity.......... ✅

Do you sometimes struggle to get work done? you sit in your workspace and you start thinking of twenty other things? well keeping a plant on your desk has been proven to keep you calm and well concentrated. Like I said.... there is something about Green.