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February 10, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Everyone wants to be more modern now, keeping up with the trends all the way from fashion, knowing who wore what and where they can find them all the way to lifestyle. The only problem is celebrities don't walk around with their furniture so unless we get an invite from them or a sneak peek from their Insta feed we got nothing.

SO! what exactly should we add up to make our home more modern and pop!

1. A painting on a Canvas

Nothing says classy like a painted artwork hanging on your wall. Most of the time we fear the prices or we just simply have no clue where to find them but all you really have to do is look.
There is a very big difference between a printed artwork on a canvas and a painting, you have to know the difference and look for a painting.

2. Standing Lamp

Light not only brightens the room but it adds a touch of modern-day. Add a few of these in your living room and see how it quickly transforms.

3. A Live Plant

The green in a living space is just so refreshing, not only for your interiors but to your mindset. Plants just have a way to breathe life in a room and most of all relax you from a long day.
If keeping a live plant is too much of an ask you can alternate with a fake but trust me, the effect won't be as great.
If you are worried that you might forget to water it or so, treat it like a pet, give it a name, build a connection with it and you can even set a reminder to help you remember when you need to water it.

4. Woven Basket

You can use these creatively, you can put your plant in it, you can use it to put some things you don't use as much and so on. A single woven basket can completely change your home.

5. Matching Colour Scheme

This could be on the fabrics like the pillowcases, the curtains, the carpet or it could even be the walls and the floors or lights. The colours don't have to match at 100% but it can be similar that it can create that eye flow when you walk in the room.

6. The single Person Chair

As much as we all love the "L" shaped sofa, the single person chair could be a fabric, plastic or wooden one that stands out of the furniture but still blends in. Sure you can go with the same colour but even my grandma used the same furniture technique, what is so modern about that?
If you must use the same colour however, we recommend you make a totally different design that stands out alone from the rest of the sofa set.

Let us know if you are already using these tips or if you are planning to, tell us how you are planning to make your home more modern.