Is It Really Okay To Comment On Someone's Look?

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Ever met your old friend and the first thing they say is "you too skinny?" "you gained a lot?" "why you wearing that?" "what are you wearing?" 

Chances are you are among the people that do that too!!!

Ever really thought of how that makes the other person feel? or how it makes you feel?

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The question is, is it really okay, to comment?

Our answer is absolutely yes, it is okay to comment., after all it's a free world! you have a right to give your opinion but you don't always have to give it.

Ever heard of a saying "It's not how you say it it's how you say it?" In fact even the commenting itself is based on the person you say it to, how close are you? and how often do you say it? because believe us, this can be a cause of loosing a friend or someone close to you.

This is typical human nature, why do you find the need to state it out loud? with wide eyes and a fake smile. Depending on where you are, most people are either jealous or just have nothing better to do.

Despite us admitting that it is a free world and you are free to comment, here is why you should never comment:

1. You are probably not as close as you think you are,

First you should know you should be on a certain level of friendship for you to start commenting. If you are an ex classmate or a co-worker, feel free to keep your opinions to yourself. It will only make you sound pervy, rude or stupid.

2. They might have a medical condition

Some people are very secretive and even though it could be your best friend or cousin, they mighty not find it comfortable to tell you about it. Probably because of your over commenting mouth that just keeps itching. For each time you comment it makes you sound insensitive and you are probably hurting the other person's feelings.
Imagine you just got out from the hospital facing a good number of bed rest, you meet your friend and the first thing they say is "dammmn! you lost a lot of weight, if a hurricane was to pass by you would fly away", it's not a good feeling is it? so why implicate that on others?

3. They might not be as well-off as you think they are

Some people have a rich people aura, you must be very close to know the reality and some well, will never admit! commenting on what they are wearing "those shoes are from 2002" could be their older sibling's why bring it up?
Yes there are people with a horrible sense of style and this is where the "It's not what you say it's how you say it applies"

4. It is very annoying

Every time you post a picture on your gram, first thing they reply is you fat! you skinny! them shoes!
I don't know about you but this is a good enough reason for a block.

5. Because you comment

People can be very vengeful, chances are most people that comment on you are just giving you a taste of your own medicine. You could be doing the same thing without realizing. Really reflect and see.
It doesn't necessarily have to be about a look but maybe you are too negative towards others. You crush their ideas and act like you know best, this could be their sweet revenge.

6. You are running away from yourself and building up a self negative environment 

Ever thought of WHY it's such a big deal for you to comment? you see a short person and your tongue just itches to say "shorty" you see a lighter or darker person and you must comment on their skin complexion?
Ever thought that you are running from something inside you? maybe you always wanted to gain weight but seeing your best friend gain before you just makes you tick, without realizing you sound judgmental and it is truly something inside you that you need to heal?


Take a trip to your inner heaven and have a deep conversation with yourself, if you find no inner conflicts then think, if you want the other person to have a reason to get back at you someday when you do something you won't see eye to eye in.

At times, you need to confront someone, you care about your friend and you think obesity is next on their checklist. Have a loving conversation with them, do not attack! advice, do not criticize, correct but remember some things you cannot change, you cannot ask someone to grow a few inches, unless you are planning on paying for their height increase exercises and surgery, don't bring it up.
And sometimes, your opinions aren't always the best thing for the other person, perhaps they love their new look! don't force them into a diet. However the conversation ends, be gentle and be there for this person.
Try to differentiate between an opinion and a fact, in the case of a fashion emergency, you can always offer to style this person up or send creative links to how they can improve their style or send them to a stylist so they can get a professional opinion, in other words, don't make it so much of your problem or you might loose a good friend.

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