Boost Your Looks with these 5 TYPES OF SHOES EVERY MAN NEEDS

January 28, 2020 Being Anastazia 10 Comments

Shopping is not exactly a sport men enjoy playing but for the right items, love at first sight and perhaps some guidance, you all want to look your best. Sometimes you get what is on the trend but sometimes it is hard to know what type of trend to go for and that is why we made a list of shoes that all men need to get as soon as yesterday...

Guys, In order for an outfit to fit just right, all components should be considered, that means including the footwear. A look can’t be perfected without the right kind of footwear to match your outfit, again ‘RIGHT KIND OF FOOTWEAR TO MATCH YOUR OUTFIT’! 
Shoes have so much power in telling who you are, what you do, what mood you are in, who are your type of friends and so much more and for that reason, we must be really selective when it comes to choosing the right type of shoes to fit on the particular kind of outfit you have on and the occasion you are going to. 
I used to put an outfit together without really considering the footwear but after some time of getting to know and understanding fashion well enough, I found that I was committing a horrible crime against fashion Lol! I don’t want you guys to commit the same mistakes I made, so here are the top 5 types of shoes every guy needs to have in their closet! 

1. Sandals

Have you ever had that feeling of “going simple for the day”? Without putting on anything fancy or too complicated or formal? What kind of footwear do you think you should put on when you are in that kind of mood? Easy, just put on a cool pair of sandals! With sandals, you can just put on a pair of shorts with a patterned or plain T-shirt with some awesome accessories and just stroll around the streets looking like a boss u get what I mean? Not only that, but you’ll also feel super comfortable. Sandals give you a room big enough to play with your creativity as you can pair them with right about anything. NOW that’s STYLE! 
Despite the fact most people do not like wearing sandals out in the public, I would say first, it depends where you are, take an example of Tanzania, if you have never been, take my word for it because it can be really hot and for so many more reasons. Think if you want to go by the beach yes you can change to flipflops but how can you drive down the beach with a pair of supras? That is why we add them to the top of our list, sandals are must-haves.

2. Boots

This is actually one of my favourite kind of footwear. It gives that sense of manliness like you can step on whatever that comes on your way and conquer it. Boots are super fashionable and can coordinate with any kind of outfit. I would pair them up with some skinny jeans with a patterned shirt or T-shirt and a leather/ denim jacket and the look is done. 

3. Sneakers 

Think of that feeling of going out all simple without no complications whatsoever. Besides putting on sandals you can just put on a pair of some really cool vans or all converse sneakers or even some Jordans... Super easy to put on, super easy to rock on and it goes well with any kind of outfit you decide to put on, whether, with shorts, jeans, sweat pants alongside a very simple plain shirt or you can go patterned if you prefer that! 
The point is sneakers are super fashionable, super comfortable, super casual and without forgetting super simple! Try this out guys and see just how many heads around your neighbourhood will start turning!


So now you want to go super formal but yet super simple, and you are wondering what to go with or what you should be going with, in such situations. Well LOAFERS is the answer! You can put on a fancy suit with a cotton pullover inside and that’s super formal gentleman kind of dressing. You can also add up some loafers for that simple comfortable touch. Always put on something that will inspire confidence, comfortability plus that sexy formal style in you and putting on loafers can really perfect the whole look!
How you can pair up loafers:
You can start with a suit and you can put them on with a pair of shorts with a plain or patterned shirt with a hat on top if you’re going for that simple casual look..that can work too! That is why you need these shoes because they work in whichever scenario and looks.


My personal favourite for that sophisticated formal gentlemen kind of look. Ever had that moment you want to go full-on formal but still keep that chic and suggest you are not that cocky? and you put on a real fancy suit but then you ask yourself what kind of footwear should I go with to perfect the look?  A fancy suit is all good but you need a fancy pair of oxfords to make it a whole. You can go to a wedding, to the office (and look more fly than your boss lol)... on a date or even on a romantic getaway with your sweetheart for a marriage proposal and I guarantee by just putting on some moccasins she won’t say NO! 
Gentlemen should always dress like gentlemen and that includes some fancy leather oxfords at the bottom!

Let me know what you think. Did the tips help? and what more would you want to know/ learn? Comment below to let us know.
Really looking forward to hearing from all you fancy stylish guys out there!

Brian N Kipangule!
IG as: @woshibigpapi


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  8. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of footwear in completing an outfit. Your insight into how shoes reflect personality and occasion has truly enlightened us. Grateful for your valuable style advice!

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