The Truth Is You Are Not The Only Person Concerned About HOW TO DO THE 2020 DOLLY PARTON CHALLENGE

January 27, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

We always say "the new year is always new year till at least March" ... 2020 is off to a good start, we have seen #Beyonce's legendary brunch look and different red carpet looks already getting our tailors busy for the season but what we have been longing for is finally here, the social media challenge and our legendary #newyear social media post trends.

In 2019 we saw a lot of the #10years challenge from celebrities down to the people that post once every year (we hope for the sake of your social media growth this isn't you). A picture grid of how you used to look like and how you currently look like and 2020 has brought us yet another challenge.

the sun
The Dolly Parton challenge did exactly what I would like to call "mark a trend" by shaking the internet with the four versions of ourselves, I mean imagine the ability to show your coolest or just show the different versions of yourself and come to think of this, all social media does is that. The singer released a compilation of herself and added: "get you a woman who can do it all" just to prove that you can be more than just one thing and now the internet is moving mountains to be a part of this challenge.
Think of it as an alternate reality called #facebook #linkedn #Instagram and #Tinder. What type of photos you would post where? so we are here to tell you exactly how to do it if you want to make an attempt at pulling this trend.

First, you should know, Facebook usually features the old pictures or the goofy while the transition to Instagram is very thought out and even professionally taken! so what if you have no idea where to start? especially if you are not a photo nerd like some people out there and the world of photography just leaves you behind wondering how you can fit in... Read on to know how you can create this trend from your home and with just your phone.


Everyone has those facebook pictures they can't get rid of, if you have them just log into your Facebook and pick the best of the worst LOL (just kidding) pick the best from the batch of the nerdy and you will be all set to jump into the next social network, we all had that phase we didn't understand the camera that well.
If you deleted all your pictures because that was a whole century ago or if you just had no use for your Facebook account and decided to drop it well... keep reading.
If you still have all your Instagram pics from when you started it, you can opt for that, if you don't... let's start from scratch...
You need to know for most of us facebook was our social media introduction app, and we weren't as skilled in taking pictures or making concepts so your shot for this has to reflect just that. You don't have to look all the way nerdy but just moderately clueless about the power of the internet and how far your pictures could travel. 
Just get your phone, look normal, nothing special you don't even need that much make-up.

2. LinkedIn

True story, most people aren't even on LinkedIn but that doesn't even matter, all we need is to make a formal/ professional look. So put on that blazer or the one item you would put on for a job interview and snap snap snap.

3. Instagram

This is an easy one, everyone has an Instagram snap that stands out to you I mean it would be funny if you didn't especially since you would post this trend on Instagram. 
So pick the best of the best and slam it on that photo grid, be sure to find something fancy x glamour otherwise, get busy with your concept creating. For Instagram you want to create a sort of achievement, be it an award, a lifestyle either ways the picture has to say you are living your best and you are the happiest #blessed

4. Tinder

Where are the flirts at? well, you need a flirty picture for this column, so we are talking about that sexy and spice put together. Tinder is a place you would be looking for a date so you would want to show you are interesting, smart and at the same time sexy. So let's put on that pretty look together and get snapping.


Now that you have the snaps covered it's time to make them come together...

Download an editing app, we recommend Pics Art because well, it is very simple, forward and easy to use or look for any grid making app, if you already have it then open it up and let's get to the second part. Open the app and after you need to create a grid of four squares as seen on the image below and start placing your photos starting with LinkedIn on the top left, Facebook on the top right, Instagram on the bottom left and Tinder on the bottom right. Once you have that done, save your image and head to the social network you would like to share it with.