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The moment we have all been waiting for has finally passed us by, watching what celebs wear has turned into a new sport and we are so addicted to it we don't know how not to. We believe in going all out and maybe that could be a bit of a high bar we set out for celebrities out there but we want to drool over their attire and we are sorry but we just can't help ourselves.
That being said... have a look at some of the top looks we spotted from the 2020 Grammy Awards and let us know if you would go for the picks...

1. Ariana Grande

Ariana left our jaws wide open with the density of that dress. She looked like she was snatched right out of the royal palace and it's very obvious we want to be her. We absolutely loved the dress and the gloves that match the dress. The hair and makeup were absolutely flawless.

2. BTS

Well, well, well... all we can say is, the world would be a better place if all men could learn from their style example.
Notice the use of colour that still match their hair... yes we notice that!

3. Billie Eilish 

Billie is Green, Green oh and green...

4. Billy Porter
Talk about a queen who is not scared to show her crown. We do have some thoughts about the makeup but we are here to talk about clothing for today. We love how Billy is rocking this glitter & chandelier look. #letitshine

5. Gwen Stephan

We loved how she is rocking this D&G dress, We love that she wore knee-high boots and went for simplicity, she looks so fresh and young but at the same time saying look at me now. One thing we know for sure, Blake Shelton is a bonus on the look.

6. Erin Lim

We already know what our tailor is making us next. There is just something about this dress that screams innocence but at the same time "I'll cut you" and we love her for pulling this off. Her makeup looks well thought out given she is wearing that colour, most MUAs would have opted for a more scream on the makeup but she looks stunning and she is definitely our new guardian angel!

7. Chris Brown & Royalty Brown

We aren't exactly sure about papa Brown, we feel like the sweater sorta takes away something but everything else looks extremely sharp and that is why it is on our list. We love the shoes, they look like they can spear directly into someone's heart and Royalty has got something going on with the colour match with papa. #loveit

8.Andrew Watt

No! this one speaks for itself... as we said! WE LOVE STATEMENTS, AND ANDREW IS MAKING A STATEMENT! Show them who you are Aladin...

9. Ali Tamposi

Ever just starred at a work of art and wondered what it means? or try so much to figure it out? That dress gives us the same sensation. It's simple but not quite and we like it for making us smile.

10. The Osbournes

Power! Style! Wealth!

 11. Lizzo

Well hello guardian angels, looks like we have another member. This one looks like she got your back and is here to give you a lesson about fashion. 

12. Bebe Rexha

The hair, the top, the makeup OH MY! THE TWO PIECE FITS right into the puzzle.

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