February 05, 2018 Being Anastazia 0 Comments


(article by Stacy 💕)

I am not one for bongo flava, not that I don't like it but sometimes I feel like some of them lack creativity and story.. Ok "Man's not hot" has no sense in fact it was an interview but I'm saying at least there is a coordination. I never understand the meaning behind boats and big houses, in my opinion they don't always work in every song and sorry Nandy... a horse, really?

The recently "Wasafi" signed artist "Mbosso" from the collapsed local band "Ya Moto Band" has proved that Bongo flava still exists. I love his creativity from the lyrics to the video. I love it especially because I feel like it tells the Side "B" of thieves I know it's ridiculous, but have you ever thought of the other side of the story? I mean they are still human... In the song he tell the girl he is in love with  who by the way is the only one in the street that has not been robbed, that he robbed her mom and dad it's pretty amazing....

Okay, I came across the video.. hope you like it as much I have...

Dear "Mbosso" please don't start sounding like "Diamond" keep up the good work. Hope to be your stylist when I come back to Dar ...hahaha!