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If you follow me on Instagram and via my WhatsApp number you will realize that I have shared a common post. Today 18 years ago a very important person crossed to the next world,
Julius Kambarage Nyerere or as we refer to him as Baba wa Taifa. This man was not only a hero but a perfect father figure for this nation that gap shall never be filled. I know you like `girl what you talking about you weren't even there in his reign and you don't remember anything` yes I was only 4 when he passed but I remember feeling a loss watching his funeral on Tv, I remember my parents going to the funeral they did not take me with them but it made me even more sad. Years later I learnt a lot about him in school and us students could barely stay awake in class... he became #babawataifa to me but that is all he was to me and I realize it is how we youth think of him.
Unlike the rest I was blessed to be a language translator at the` Kigoda Cha Mwalimu` held at Nkrumah Hall at the University of Dar es salaam. Being there honestly made me cry and it made me realize that most of us youth are just ungrateful spoiled brats, I can`t say I know him better now but I can say I have a better idea of him.

Mwalimu wanted the best for our nation, he wanted us to be independent in a sense that we do not depend on external gift and forces, he wanted us to be a nation that is self reliant and self sufficient in all aspects of life in a way that we control our own resources, he built industries.....a lot of industries,...... WE should be the people to put into actions his ideals.... and for that reason, I ask everyone reading this post to think about what you really want this country to be, where do you want it to go then think again, who do you think will do it if it is not us? It all starts with us...and so GO FOR IT! no matter how crazy your ideas sound.. DO IT! so long as it hurts no one and it is honest and true and ALWAYS remember to slay. That being said can we take a moment and acknowledge that Mwalimu was one HECK of a FASHION ICON?
Slaying in his blue bahari Safari Suit, his pose is also so flawless.

His safari suits was one big trend, I know they had my dad going crazy and he always had a bunch which he still slays in, they never ran out of style... the even made female versions of them which then got my mom obsessed too. His symbol is the `kifimbo` which he had it customary made which I find so stylish, he took it almost everywhere and became his signature, I don`t know I find so many movie ideas out of it I don`t understand why it is so hard for bongo movie to come up with a movie idea.
And can we please talk about his perfectly shaved mustache, so unique yet it says i`m never going out of style on this man!
Drop a comment below of what your Nyerere day reflection is...
Put up goals and makes sure you reach them by the next #1410
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  1. He stands out as an example of what a people's leader should be. At a time that other African leaders were embezzling their country's wealth, Nyerere stood above all that and remained his people's teacher.He inspired me on the principles of freedom, hard work and self-reliance. May his soul rest in peace

    1. Amen, He will forever live in our hearts..the best we can do is live up to his expectations and guide the coming generation to honor him the same way... I think my kids will be reading his work more than they will be playing...hehe I pity them.

  2. I stopped by and surprisingly I didn't knw you'er such an amazing writer as well.....nice article.