Here Are 6 Simple Steps To Care For Your Nails During This Corona Lockdown

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COVID19 has straight-up ruined everybody’s day to day routine, plans and expectations. Must-do things like jogging, hitting the gym and a beauty “sesh” is no longer up for grabs and it is frustrating.
Not only are we in sweat pants and undies all day...... most of us tend to forget self-caring routines I mean why should we anyway? We are not impressing nor competing with anyone anyway right?
Even if we really wanted to treat ourselves to a spa, hair or nail-do, we are all not willing to risk inviting someone over nor visiting someone with the knowledge of #coco swimming around waiting to catch it’s next victims so we end up bored and depressed, what more can we do?


Let's talk nails real quick! we do everything with them... not only are they a front door decor to our beauties but they go through a lot with us. Naturally, you would cover that up with a gorgeous manicure but we can't do that anymore! and that is why we are here for the rescue... here are somethings to #diy and get almost the same impact or better, some of the best methods to care for your nails in this COVID19 lockdown.

1. Cleaning

First, you will need at least nail polish, a sponge and a filer.
You have to clean your nails with the polish even if you have no colour on your nails.
Think of it as a reset button.
You can use the filer and/ or a nail cutter and work on your nails till you are comfortable with them.

2. Soaking

After you do all the cleaning to your satisfaction, make sure you wash your hands with a nice "hand soap", sure regular soap can do the trick as well but for the best results we suggest a good and trusted hand soap.
Get a basin or even a big enough bowl and fill it with warm water and soak your hands/nails in. If you want, you can keep using the filer and keep working magic on your nails in the water.
If soaking is too much then get a spray bottle and spray them with lukewarm water and every now and then clean them up with a sponge and a brush.

p.s make sure you are using lukewarm water, most of the time people use hot water because it makes your skin softer but after a while, your skin is going to be drier and rougher than it was before.

3. Exfoliate

This is something we all tend to miss but as much as you exfoliate other parts of your body... your palms need just as much exfoliating. So get the best type of scrub and even a toner, perform everything you do to your face, on your hands and you will start seeing great results.

4. Let's Talk Cuticles

Most of the times we tend to completely remove and cut them out but do you know that cuticles actually help prevent bacteria and make your nails more healthy? so yes! you can trim, brush them off but do not completely remove them. Instead of all that cuticle murder, do the following steps

5. Moisturize

Part 1: Use hand moisturizer, get a hand cream and moisturize your palms. Find the best cream for your skin, try to look for a cream with less harsh chemicals and more to the natural side.

Part 2: Moisturize your nails...

We tend to miss this but it is just as important. If you can get the nail oil/ cuticle oil which will hydrate your nails and leave them healthy, that would totally just improve your overall nail health but in the case you cannot or had no idea there was such a thing before reading this article... then you can use cooking oil to do the job. Olive oils are most prefered but you can also use other types of oil.
The reason why is because cooking oil is always safe.

Apply the oil only to your nails and just massage your nails for like 5 minutes or more... You can set a timer for each nail so you can give them equal attention.

6. Finish off

After you are done with the nail care, your nails are ready for what is next.
You can go with colourless nail polish so they look even shinier and use other colours after you are done.
I personally prefer to wait it out.
After I apply colourless nail polish I wait just past a couple of hours before I repaint them with colour.
Be kind to yourself and search for paints that are less harsh or even organic if you have the budget.

Well there you have it ladies and gents... (and yes I said gents because nail care is not only for the ladies)
I hope you learnt a thing or two and would give me feedback soon enough on how your end process is.
Drop me a comment, let me know what you think and I will see you all in my next article...



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