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Let's Talk About "Beds" For A Second! Do We Care Enough? 6 Tips To Care For Your Bed

May 11, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Your bed is not only the squishy spot that you put your body down and rest, but it is also more than that. It is the last thing and the first thing you can touch, smell, see and depending on whether or not you had good sleep... it's the first and last thing you even taste!
The question is are you using your bed to the fullest? do you have good enough sleep on it? do you get excited when you see your bed or do you feel like pushing everything to the floor and just sleep?

Most of the time, people throw on a bedsheet and run out to start their day and throw whatever they are carrying on the bed as soon as they come back home.

Today! I want to talk about just the bed...

See the first thing you need to realize is that it is not just the bed, it is the side tables, it is the floor underneath and besides your bed, it is the whole area surrounding your bed.

I am an advocate of beliving in the little things that may make or break your day and a bed is one of the things on my list.

Think of this... you have had a very stressful and/ or a long day, perhaps you came home late you had to pass by a restaurant to pick up your dinner and a few oranges and you decide I'll just put this on the bed, eat on the bed then toss the rest (the plates and whatever you used) on the side table or on the floor and I will deal with it tomorrow.
It's ok to eat on your bed... as much as it is not advised we have all had a meal delivered to our beds... Just be sure to clean it off as fast as you can.

First off, you are not going to have a good mindset nor rest. Your subconscious will remain bothered and if you aren't at all.... then we are officially concerned about you.

When you visit an Air BnB or a hotel room you get super happy and excited, you take selfies and you do not want to move from the bed...so why not keep that feeling even when you are home?
Here is how you can make your bed cosier and happier.

1. Clean The Area Around Your Bed

That is right, start with the floors, the side tables and all the clothes, chargers and whatever that is on your bed that should not be there. Keep the area around the bed tidy at all times.

2. Get Good Bedsheets/ Bed Covers

This one is a no brainer, just as you select what to wear and you take your time thinking about the size, comfort, style, trend, colour and all things before you buy your next wardrobe fave! do the same for your bed. Buy bedsheets that work well with your room.
Think of the colours in your room, the size of your room... If you have a small room then it is always good to buy lighter colours like white, light blue and yellow as it will give an illusion that your room is bigger than it is.

Try to avoid unnecessary prints like football club prints (unless that is your thing) don't just buy a bedsheet because it is cheaper. Let it speak to you.

3. Tidy Up

Yes I know I have hinted on this before but I have an urge to clarify this...
Untidiness is when we put things where they do not belong. It does not necessarily mean it is dirty but just a lot of misplaced items.
So the dishes, books, chargers, snacks, fruits e.t.c have got to go back to where they belong.

If you are going out it is understandable why you would leave a trail of clothes left behind, but don't throw them on the floor and hope to deal with them in the morning or when you can, so find the time and put them back where they belong as well.

4. Clean Your Bedsheets/ Bed Covers Regularly

I don't know about you guys but I get a weird itch when I do not change my sheets for some time... do you have the same experience?
It is mostly advised to wash your sheets once every week or two weeks depending on your schedule but do not let it go above that.
Make sure you have at least two different bed sheets so you can switch them out while you wash the other. It is also nice to switch them out because your linen colours would last longer and would always be fresh.

5. Do Your Bed Every Morning Or When You Can but Daily

I think mornings are better, but times are changing and your morning depends on what time you wake up so try to do your bed whenever you can. Pull one side of the bedsheet and just dust it (I don't know the proper word for this... in Swahili, it would be "kun'guta")
Just simply move it up and down till all the little dust/ particle on the bed are gone.

Do you ever just lay on your bed and feel some sort of sand brushing against your skin? It is annoying, right? Doing this will help you get rid of that and sleep peacefully and sandless.

6. Put The Right Thing Around Your Bed

When you go to bed, 85% is because you are going to sleep, so keep things that relax you. I personally have a picture of my parents, a bible and some prayer books, a couple of other books that help me fall asleep when I am having a hard time, a lamp and even some candles just because they relax me.
From time to time, I have a small speaker when I want to turn on meditating sounds that help me sleep.
So what makes you relax? Put them next to you so you can relax better.

Keep in mind that your gadgets like your phone and tablet should not be on that list.

I am pretty sure if the bed could speak it would say I am super happy with this lifestyle, and I know you would start having better sleep as well.
I hope you guys liked this article... drop me a comment, let me know if you sleep better after trying this out and I'll see you in my next article.