Mani, Pedi With Yuyu

August 04, 2019 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Written; By Yuness Nelson.

Edited ByElvis 360 

Our nails are one of the most noticeable features and you can easily know the type of a person by just looking at their nail shape and appearance, too bad many of us don't care much since we see it as a minor issue, its a very big issue that needs attention and effort to make them look smart.

Anyone can have a perfect manicure at home if you know a few manicure hacks.  This easy manicure hack will make your nails flawless in a way you could ever imagined by using two ingredients that you already have inside your kitchen for whiter and stronger nails; All you need is a half lemon and half tablespoon of a baking soda.

How to prepare;

  • Squeeze lemon juice into the bowl
  •  Mix with the baking soda to get a thick  paste.

How to Use;

By using an old toothbrush, apply the paste to your nails carefully,
Leave the paste for five minutes then start brushing with a toothbrush  slowly to all angles for three minutes.
Wash your hands and nails with hot water and apply essential oil of your choice.

NB; Make sure your nails are well trimmed before this process.

Tips By Yuyu!