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We all want the best look in our space and more importantly more space in our space, for some it's not an actual problem rather, just wanting more room but to some, space is an actual problem and we just don't know how to create more space in our home, Its time to get rid of the buckets behind your door because we put together 5 ways to make your apartment more spacious... check it out...

 1. Paint your walls white or any bright/ light colour.

 The secret to making your room look bigger and more spacious is always to paint the walls bright/light. This is because bright/light colours give the illusion to the eye that space is bigger than it actually is so as much as you like that dark green and black pallet you need to set them aside and go with a different colour. Of course if it happens that you have a lot of natural light coming in then you can actually go for something dark, but only if you have enough natural light... Keep it clean!

2. Utilize the space under and the space on top

Okay, Stacy what in the world are you even talking about? so you have to get a bed right? or a closet? there is always the negative space left under furniture or between walls that you can use to your advantage. What? okay think of this... you have some suitcases you don't know where to place, or some shoes that are just out of control so, instead of putting them by the door or in your closet put them on top of the closet or under the bed or under anything that doesn't move often. Think about things you don't use on the regular and tuck them away. You can also store an extra set of drawers under your bed but we will talk about the furniture in the next point. You can use the space under your chair or anywhere so long as it is not visible you can put away anything under or on top of that empty space.

3. Pimp Your Furniture/ Get Pimped Furniture

Okay, now let me better explain what I was about to talk about in the previous post. Let's say you are a student or just a blogger as I am and you need a desk at all times, a chair, of course, you need a bed where else can you sleep? how about making it one thing? okay, what if you are a shopaholic as I am and spend way too much time online shopping and you just don't have enough space in your closet anymore? how about you make extra drawers under your bed?  let me show you what I mean...

Do you get it now?

Okay! let's carry on!!!

4. Create Divisions

So you want to create the illusion that you have bigger space in your one-bedroom apartment or your studio apartment, what better way than to create more room?

You can use simple items like curtains and cardboards to create partitions or put a divider and shelf between space but my personal favourite is building. How about building a whole other room on top of your room? or let's just say a bed space? you will for sure need to consult the owner and a certified builder before doing this to avoid any problems later on.

Bed is built on top

5. Maintain The Colour Pallet

So what you want is a flow in the eye, create an eye movement when you walk in your place. The best way to achieve that is to maintain similar colours and patterns throughout your space. If your wall is cream how about a carpet that is perhaps baby pink with a dash of cream (you can go for any color) how about maintaining cream pillow cushions and pinkish bed sheets, how about hanging some wall art with similar colours and patterns? one thing for sure is you can never go wrong with black and white, these are neutrals and can go with anything just make sure there is a balance in your room and not everything pink with one black flower pot at the end of the room.

 Hope this helped and you are on your way to the paint shop or at least you are tucking things inside of other things. Let me know what you think and if it helped...