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There is no place like home... there is no place like home..., unless you live in Wizards of Oz you will learn that sometimes there are places that you just want to call home. Ever gone to a hotel and not want to leave? We have all had that experience of visiting an uncle or spending a night in an Air BnB and just decided we don't want to go back. Is it because our home is that bad or because the other homes came with a special building order hence it is that pretty? Yes, we say what makes a home is the people, the family right? but what if you live alone 😢 or what if you just simply want to do more for your family?

Well, we are here to tell you, nothing looks pretty without an extra glam and work. You can live in the oldest building but have the prettiest and most comfortable place that will make your friends want to commit to paying your rent just so they can stay, just kidding! you will pretty much end up paying for everything when they come over... So what can you do to make your home homier and at the same time modern? what can you do to impress every guest including yourself?

We came up with a list of tips you will be needing to get just that but before we get to it you need to accept that your home is your space and you can do anything with it, don't think some things aren't doable because of who you are or where you are... okay! now let's get to it...

1. Know who you are

First thing to always think about is who you are, you can only be comfortable if a place represents who you are and what your personality is, this will explain why you would go to the fanciest hotel and not like the interior, it's not because the designer sucks it's more like its just not your taste and if you had to move some things you would probably get rid of everything.
The best thing to do in this case is to reflect and ask yourself what you like, do you like greens? because then you can add a plant, what colour do you like? are you more of a dark or light colour pallet? do you like posters or pictures on your wall? if this still makes everything hard for you and you end up with an " all I need is a bed" try to reflect on places you have visited and think about what caught your eye, perhaps it was the bricks or the minimalistic white on the wall, everyone has a personality all you have to do is make it reflect your home.

2. Get a place you actually like

I was a student once and all I can say is I absolutely did not like my hostel and the first thing I did was get a place of my own, such situations put pressure on you. The biggest mistake you can make is just getting a place because its's time to move out. Be patient and look for a place with the space you want in a location you like. In this case price tags don't matter, you could rent the most expensive apartment and still fail to make it modern and homey. When you fall in love at first sight or if you can imagine yourself in the apartment is when you should go for it.
You then need to go back to the first point and think, how to bring in who you are into your place, what will bring it together? what type of furniture do you need to reflect you?

3. Think Through Your Furniture

Now it's time to fill it up! most people either just get old furniture from their family or walk up to a carpenter and ask them to make them a set, okay! there is nothing wrong with that except! it will probably not be you! remember point number 1? so then.. how about a little research? lookup what type of furniture you can get depending on your lifestyle, are you a bachelor? married? student? after you have selected you can still get the furniture from your home and give them a modern touch at that carpenter you were thinking about. If you are well off enough you can ask them to make you something resembling your design or walk up a furniture store and get what you like. Remember! a price is just a number on the tag it's about how you will make all the furniture come together, that matters.

4. Picasso Your Way Out

You need some artwork up in that crib! you heard us correctly, get a painting you like or better yet get an artist to make you a custom work of your desire. You can also order online or go to art centres and get something you like. You will be surprised to know they aren't as pricy as you think.

5. Add a "You" Display

Ok, I don't mean photos, I mean to add that touch of you! I will give you an example... you know how I am a fashion maniac? well if you got lost in my apartment and ended up in my bedroom you would immediately know which one is my room. I have this closet display with shoes, belts and everything you can imagine with fashion magazines all over the place so there, if lifestyle is your thing, add some greens like plants, of course, real plants are more decorative and will make you happy and give you the relaxation of watching your plant grow but it comes with the responsibility of watering it. If it's too much for you you can just get a fake plant. If you are a gamer why not get a shelf where you can display all your video games instead of throwing them around or stashing them away?..sounds like a plan right? so there just a dash of you and you have your comfort shirtless zone.

6. Clean, Clean and Clean

Yes, make an investment out of cleaning, stop buying that cheap powdered laundry soap and using it for everything, put a cleanness budget and get mopping detergent, trust me this will make your floors glow, get a better broom and mop or you can order a cleaning robot vacuum from eBay that will do this every day and is very cheap. Always organize your items and keep your place tidy.

7. Love Yourself

As much as it seems like nothing, it all starts from you. Do you love yourself enough to want to do better for yourself? always improving yourself and what's around you? there... self-love is the secret ingredient to most modern homes.

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