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Weekends... well who doesn't love them? we all can't wait for Friday so much that we plan for it on Monday but sadly, vice-versa is not true. Almost everyone dislikes weekdays or to be more specific... Mondays!!!

Yes, there are a lot of people including me that claim we actually love Mondays because of what we do but I am here to tell you the secret to this notion. We actually don't really like it as much as we say we do just like anybody else. Who likes leaving the comfort of their home and family? however, we have found a way to make peace with it, that actually makes us look forward to Mondays and well not hate it as much (sometimes we even get excited)
Most of the times it's because we do what we like and it makes us see Monday like just any other day, but what happens if you aren't doing what you actually love or it's just ok, not the best but also not the worst?

Here are 6 tips that will help you forget about that sad mood you get on a Sunday evening that makes you wonder ... "damn. I can't believe the weekend is over"

1. Plan Your Week In Advance

As obvious as it may seem, planning ahead to the next week is what helps the most. Get yourself a calendar and plan in advance, make a habit of planning a whole month. You would be surprised how much that will save you and instead of feeling drained you will feel motivated to finish your month's to-do list. Now I know you are thinking how in the Marvel's universe do I know what I am supposed to do a week from now? the answer is you always know... schedule all your important tasks first, really reflect and include every little thing from the board meetings to your Mani x Pedi appointment and work on crossing out the most important tasks. No matter what, don't skip what you are supposed to do.
This isn't as easy as it may sound. you need a lot of determination to accomplish this.

2. Finish Your Week's Work Before The Weekend

I was hired as a writer in one of Tanzania's magazines where you had to glue your eyes on the screen and research and write and the circle goes on. I was lucky, I actually enjoyed what I was doing but I can't say the same to most of the people. Once Thursday came knocking (a lot of us made Thursday our official start of the weekend) people would either not turn up the next day or not finish their tasks once Friday came knocking. This made the Mondays very hated because well you keep pilling up work and you just start hating it. So try and finish all tasks in your calendar and on your to-do list on the same week and not carry own extra luggage to the next week.

3. Find Something To Look Forward To

Of course, money is the biggest motivation but what if you are a student? or scratch that, you still have to wait till the end of the week. I personally used to love eating some cassavas and maize and I just couldn't wait to get to them. As silly as it sounds, it really kept me motivated and wanting to go to work so think of the good thing you like from your work, it could be the colleagues, it could be the gossip, it could be the lounge or the free lunch (besides you are saving up) or the fact that you aren't home and you are cutting down some power costs... heck it could even be your crush (and yes I loved food more)

4. Pick Out Your Outfit

If you are a fashionista and I am assuming if you are reading this in my blog, chances are you at least have a single bone in your body that cares about how you look, then this is an exciting way!
Plan out your whole week's outfit including the weekend if you have plans. You will be amazed by how much adrenaline will flow in your body. I always look at it as a challenge specifically to look good every day but to try not to repeat any item. It could be different for you, you could set out looks like on Monday you want to look strictly formal on Tuesday how about a T-shirt and nice fabric pants. This will actually help you love yourself more and keep you excited to show off what you put together, maybe take a picture while you are at it who knows you could end up advising your colleagues what to wear.

5. Plan Out Your Weekend

Yes I know, I know we are talking about the weekdays here but really think about it, if you spent your weekend well you won't be as green as you would be normally. So plan it out, make time for family and friends and most importantly you. Sitting at home watching movies all day doesn't always count so don't spend every weekend tucked away in your room, live a little, make a little adventure that will make you look forward to telling all about it to your colleagues.

6. Don't Be So Green

As much as it sucks there is really nothing you can do about it, there is no point being sad and upset about a matter you can't change so accept the challenge and say I will show up all week instead of plotting your next sick leave. Honestly, this is the hardest in the list and even I am still trying to work on it 😅