HOW TO LOOK EXPENSIVE in 8 simple steps

January 15, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Searching for inspiration for what to wear is a good way to start a good wardrobe collection so we spend a lot of time online looking up on what our favourite celebs and influencers put together and try to mimic the looks, Beyonce had a blazer well... I am getting a blazer too but that is merely the hardest task to do.
The one certainty is that we want to look a certain way, particularly expensive, the only issue with this is that sometimes our wallets don't exactly agree with this. While you are like Zara is on the left your wallet is like homeless is on the right, can you relate?

Because of that, we put together some steps to helping you achieve that expensive look without having to spend a lot.
I mean these steps will still have you going to the store and you will spend money but you can just go by a second hand and know what exactly to pick and not have to go to a fancy store and spend all that much.

1. Wear Neutrals 

Well this is a no brainer, have you ever crossed the road and on your side, there is one of these people, 1. wearing blacks, 2. Wearing whites, 3. wearing greys, 4. wearing nudes? chances are, you will turn around and take a better look at them. You probably won't even know why...
That's because these colours can work with anything you have in your wardrobe and they just stand out.

How to put them together:

In my opinion, the best way to put them together is by pairing the neutrals up with another set of colours, picture yourself with green pants and top and with an amazing black blazer.

The second way is to go full monochrome with the neutrals, pull off an all grey look or an all-white look, my only issue with this is that sometimes if you don't get the right items it could actually make you look cheap. Even though it's black and white it can still work against your favour.

2. Wear Monochromes

I mentioned this before and ill say it again. Pulling an all coloured look is tougher than most people think. Mostly its because there needs to be a sort of balance.

You should only do one of the two things:

1. Get the same colour and match it

2. Get the same shades of colour and match them

Most people tend to mix colours of the same hue and say its monochrome, no boo...boo! that is just a similar colour. Don't mix pink and purple and say it's monochrome.

3. Wear Nudes

Yes! I said it and I put it on a separate point. Although nudes do count as a neutral colour, I put this on its own point because, we are all used to black, white and grey. So much that well there is nothing new there but nudes just have a way of pulling a look together and still say hey #lookatmenow

The best way to pull off nudes, in my opinion, is to have at least two matching nude shades thrown in on a look.

4. Wear Fitting Clothes

A lot of people wonder, what if I am wearing an oversized t-shirt?, I mean it should actually be oversized... the truth is, even oversized items need to fit you. So you are a size 12, get a size 12 oversized t-shirt and not a size 16 just because it's supposed to be oversized. That doesn't really make you look well put together rather, all shabby and we want to look expensive, not shabby.

So when you pick out a long sleeve shirt, for example, make sure it fits perfectly on your body, it's not too tight that you can't breathe and it's not too loose that its a gown. Make sure the sleeves fit perfectly on your arms and the go all the way to your joint (that area connecting your hand and palm) and same goes for pants or anything else.

5. Put on Some Accessories

I am just going to say accessories to generalize if you want to wear some necklace and earrings but we will get to that in a bit. What I mean here mostly is a watch, there is no better accessory than a watch people. Invest in your watches people, get a metallic watch in my opinion, be it gold, silver, rose gold. Get another watch that has straps you can pick different colours on that. If we change shoes and clothes why not change watches?

Now let's get to the jewellery!

This has a big role to play on your overall looks, too much can make you look cheap instead of expensive. Instead of wearing 5 rings, go with one or two. Listen to your outfits, its not always necessary to wear statement jewellery. If your clothing is complex then just go with simple earrings and necklace if it's simple then you may do the opposite either ways, listen to your outfit.

6. Invest In The Right Shoes

A lot of people put on some bomb looks but it all gets taken away by the choice of shoes. It is very sad to see such looks wasted away.
In this case, buy every type of shoe, buy heels with neutral colours because they can go with anything and if you are comfortable enough you can start looking for more colours, but simple sandals, buy styled sandals, by pointy flat shoes, buy every sort of shoe that goes with any look you have in your closet.
A piece of big advice, however, if you choose to wear sandals in public, make sure they are really something and it still closes around the feet. Don't wear flip flop like sandals they will just make your look downgrade.

7. Change and Carry the right bag

Like the shoes and accessories, invest in your pieces, make out a budget, buy neutrals first and when you are ready, advance to coloured. If you are the type that carries one bag for everything, make sure it is everything and does work on every occasion. My personal opinion, however, try to change them every now and then besides, you are reading an article about looking expensive not putting together a look.

8. Be and Appear Clean

Always be clean, smell good, keep your shoes clean, keep your hands moisturized, walk around with tissues and wet wipes you can use instead of rubbing your hands off on your outfit. Your outfit is sacred. Maintain it.