4 Most Effective Ways To Dress Well On A Budget

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We have this notion in our heads that if we want to look good, presentable and all that... then we have to wear expensive big-branded clothing. Of course, I agree that wearing such brands can boost your self-esteem, confidence and even portray your financial status but it doesn't mean wearing rather small branded or thrift clothing makes you any less of a boss, besides, you can still find big brands in thrift stores! 

Everything comes down to style. Even if you rock on expensive brands, if you have no style to match with it then you won't be any different from those other raggedy types of clothing out there!
Wearing second hand, thrift clothing doesn't degrade you. In fact, if you have an incredible styling sense then trust me after you put on your outfit and look at yourself on the mirror you'll feel like a Gucci or Prada model or something LoL! The cost of the clothing won't matter at all! Style is everything!! 
Besides the whole concept of cost, there is also this one simple factor that each sane-minded individual should always consider and that is "LIVING ON A BUDGET"
Don't confuse things though. Living on a budget doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't dress to impress. There are various ways of dressing well but still paying respect to your finances or as to how I like to call them "Tips to Dressing Well on a Budget"

1: Avoid big brand stores
Well, as you know big brands charge a huge amount of money. If you can ultimately afford it without the costs affecting your bank statement then that's a blessing, financial freedom is the ultimate goal after all, but for the most of us who are still putting it together, still chasing the financial freedom and still have the urge to look good we have no choice but to respect and monitor our spending ways
There are lots of brands that aren't expensive and have really good quality clothing and footwear. You can buy clothing within your set budget, good quality and will suit your way of life too!
A win-win situation if you ask me!!

2: Versatility

For those of us who have a limited shopping budget, it's highly recommended that we choose a versatile colour of clothing first
Minimalist design clothing with basic colours like black, white, grey, navy blue, olive green, brown are very easy to pair with anything
A couple of white plain T-shirt's, a couple of black ones too, pairs of dark blue and/or navy blue jeans come really handy too. 
With these colours you can opt for the street style look, casual look even the classy formal look..it all depends on you!
Not only are you minimizing the cost but you look super stylish at the same time!

3: Discount Sales

There's also another way of getting big-brand clothing without really splashing too much money and that is acquiring them while they are on sale! 
In times of festivities or end of a clothing season, brands usually dispose of items which have been in the store for a long period of time so what they actually do is that they reduce the prices, provide huge discounts so that they can be disposed of quickly and make room for new arrivals. 
During discount sales, you can even get discounts for about 40%-60%. That's a pretty fair purchase right?? So for the real big brand enthusiasts, this method suits you very well.

4: Export Surplus Stores

There re lots of export surplus export stores around. For those who are unfamiliar with these types of stores, these are simply stores that get their clothing items from high-end big brand companies but items are few months old sometimes even a year or more and so they sell these items at reasonable low prices and are usually in bulk so for an average amount of money you can acquire some really good merchandise from the last months. Pretty good deal huh??!
Again, same branded clothing but at a much lower price plus in bulk so you'll get options..what more could you ask for?!

Well! all my secrets are spilt, these are the methods I use to dress super fly, elegantly, stylish, you name it.. and I still manage to respect my budget and so far so good my shopping costs aren't at all disturbing my bank statements and I hope they will work for you all who are reading this!

I would really love to hear from you whether these tips have been effective ( which I really hope they have ) otherwise what was the whole point of taking your valuable time reading through this article right LOL! 

What else would you like to know/learn? Comment below to let us know. Really looking forward to hearing from all you fancy stylish guys out there.

Brian N Kipangule

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