Here Are 10 Items Every Man Needs To Invest All Their Money In

March 16, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Everybody loves to feel pampered every now and then, even the gents that play cool, like to maintain that one specific style that identifies them and with no doubt, ladies love it when men know exactly what they want, how they want it and their personal style.

What we do know is that fashion to most men is an alien but there is definitely nothing to be ashamed of, even the greatest had to find a starting point and that is why... we came up with this list of 10 essential items we think every man needs in their closet to not only look fresh but make the ladies feel fresh next to you.

1. Suit 

I know, most of you are thinking... "do you know how much they cost" but I am here to tell you, you can walk right into the cheapest thrift point and walk out with a bomb suit. Just make sure there are no shoulder pads (unless they are modern), beautiful fabric and texture and not many buttons. Most gents like single buttons now so for your trial you can start with that.

Our advice is to get the suit in both light and dark two-piece, it could be a grey and a dark blue or a black and a grey. This will be a lot easier to switch looks in your look book because you don't always have to wear the pull thing. You can take off the blazer, pair it with some good old denim and be good to go.

2. Bags

Most guys like travelling light wait and we get it, but if you are going for that elegant and preserved look you might want to look for one.
You can and should invest in bags that you will use to pair with your look. Sure, every guy has a backpack but backpacks don't exactly fit with every look now does it?

We suggest you look into some leather and garment bags and you will almost be covered.

3. Good pairs of shoes.

Lot's of men wonder why women have over ten pairs of shoes, we would like to say because not every shoe goes with every occasion and dress code so why shouldn't men do the same?


Button-down shirt long n short sleeve, plain n pattern, light n dark

4. Jackets

Nothing puts the "OO" in "COOL as a nice throw of a jacket. Try different types of jackets, go for denim, bomber jackets or even a good classy biker leather jacket.

5. Khakis

EVERY GUY NEEDS A PAIR OF KHAKIS! they speak so much modern and class and why would you want to miss that? Pair them up with a good pair of shoes and a polo shirt and see what happens. Speaking of polo shirts...

6. Polo Shirt

Because why not? this is gold in the modern man's closet, you can pair with pretty much anything on this list.

7. Trench coat

Depending on where you are and how the weather plays out!
We never miss an opportunity to wear a trench! it's raining? we don't get mad! it's time to put on that trench you have been hiding in your closet.

8. Fabric shorts

You just cannot be in jeans all the time especially when the sun decides to bake you so it's always nice to have fabric pants of dark and light colours and a pattern. The best pattern that we heart are plaids but wear what catches your eyes. (I hope its not a minion pant)

9. Watch

What says elegance than a nice watch on a wrist? it says class and you care about time and what is around you. We suggest something more metallic or if you are into leather you can also go for a good skeleton watch if you dare.

10. A Dopp kit

Not related to what you wear out there but more of caring about preserving.
Where do u keep all the bodily little things? Shaver etc you definitely need this to keep all the little things and away from your newly shopped items. The last thing you need is some beard on your new blazer.

Make sure you keep all the items in the best preserved way! if you do not have an inbuilt or even outside closet, consider getting a fabric closet or a rack that you will hang your clothes so they don't wrinkle and put your other items so they don't catch a dust or they will spoil.

Let us know if there is anything in this list that you are heading to shop in your next shopping plan!