6 Fashion Tips to look CONFIDENT in Life Changing Opportunities!

December 22, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Often, we miss the important life-changing opportunities and we go hard on ourselves thinking what are we lacking?, or is it just bad luck? The life-changing possibilities often pass us by sometimes with very little mistakes call it "the life-changing bullet" guess what that bullet is??'s CONFIDENCE

It's a problem that most of us faced ( and ARE still facing). No lie at one point I also had this problem and trust me it ruined a lot of potential life changing opportunities. I thought perhaps I was just unlucky you know, but then I sat down and started thinking What's really the matter? Why aren't things going my way?? 
 I then realized it was my lack of confidence that was bringing me down and so I started doing all I could to get rid of this. So I discovered some confidence-boosting hacks that changed my life completely! 
 To be honest the starting point is... "Just be YOURSELF"! start from there because if you don't, whatever hack you try won't work, believe me, everything else will come naturally!
Here are some hacks that I used to boost my confidence up to ace any life-changing event or opportunity and here is how you can to:


A smile is the best outfit you can ever wear, whether in a meeting, your first date, job interview..wherever! It actually gives the impression to the receiver how confident your in anything you do even in those tense situation like job interviews so, wear your smiles often you never know that may be the only component you need in changing your life!

Wear Solid Colors

Let's be honest here, nobody likes seeing or wants to be associated with a man wearing raggedy pink paisley or complex colored wrinkled looking shirts unless fashion and style come easy for you and wearing such complex colours is like a glass of water for you otherwise..that's a big NO!! Instead, choose solid-looking colors like Dark blue, black, grey or even olive green! These colors really bloom out of your personality. With these colors I'm sure you can ace that all-important job interview or that first date. It worked for me I'm sure it would work for y'all too!

Body Posture

I know we talked about wearing the right kind of clothing and all but trust me it won't save you if you have a sloppy body posture! Always sit and walk with your back straight and your head high..nobody can resist that...!

Proper Fit

Wearing the right fit complements and gives a polished presentation about your confidence. Wear clothing according to your body size, height and skin tone! 

Wear accessories

I really don't get how can some men survive or go anywhere without putting on basic but important accessories like a watch or a belt! My guys never go anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE without putting on  a watch, belt and proper footwear which complements the kind of outfit your rocking on that particular day! Accessories make your whole look standout so for those who don't rock on these next time PLEASE DO! 

Proper Grooming

Give special attention to grooming details like nose hair, nails and beard. If not done properly these might give out some negative impression. In other words... to the person seeing you unproperly groomed it could be a real buzz kill!!

Always remember Confidence Is Everything! Be confident in anything you do, to anywhere you go and believe me you are gonna achieve anything and everything in life!