5 Looks To Put Together When You Are Running Out Of Outfits

January 31, 2021 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

 Ever just woke up and had absolutely no idea what to wear? No matter what you throw on, it just doesn’t seem to work!?

I have this same problem... I would get up with a ready plan of what to wear but actually put it together and not actually like the outcome or perhaps my expectations were a bit high.

Then there are days that you just feel like a need shopping because everything you own has been Instagrammed, Tiktocked, Snapchatted and seen. So here are a few looks you can try out, it should be quick and easy to go for when you have absolutely no idea what you can wear and time is running out on you.

1. Tomboy

You would actually think you don't have any "tomboy" outfits in your closet BUT! look again... do you own anything oversize and not too revelling? there you go... 

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Start with that baggy shirt side tuck in your jeans and throw on some sneakers, if you aren't exactly in a social mood... do the same, grab the oversized shirt and tuck in your office pants, throw on some boots or you can stick with the sneakers.

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2. Monochrome

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3. Black & White

This is my personal favourite when I do and do not have something to wear it always comes to my rescue.
I feel like I am running late and I don't have time to put something together I always go with blacks and whites because not only are they stunning colours to put together... they have a sense of rich. You want to look like you well handle your money? go with black and whites and stand confidently tall.
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4. What You've Never Mixed/ Matched Before

While the trend ideas are good to keep in mind, the perfect closet, the perfect capsule... you will always feel like you have nothing left to wear. So, every now and then throw prints in a look you never would, put together two different colours you usually wouldn't wear. Try something different.
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5. Accessorise

Believe me you, this is one quick ensemble. You do own outfits in similar colours, just put those together and Voilà

Go back to your basic look, you know... the one you always run to as soon as your laundry is done. Then accessorise.

Throw on some bangles, statement earrings, don't forget your necklace and hair, it's also a big part of accessorising.

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