15 Tips For Packing The Perfect Suitcase For Your Next Vacation

August 19, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

 One thing I know for sure is that most people love to travel however, things like packing and what to pack often make us frown just a little bit at the thought of travelling.

We stress over it way too much but it is really no one's fault if you don't go at it in the best way it will end up being a burden to you. Packing can be quite a disaster especially if you forget the one thing you need most for your travel so I thought I should make a list of things to consider before and while you pack to help your next vacation go as swiftly as possible without the worry of overpacking, having to leave things at the airport and most of all forgetting things.

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1.  Prepare a list of things you need and will be doing

It really sounds cringy but think of this as your guideline.

once you have written down all activities you will be doing on your trip and all the things you think you need you are ready to start packing.

2. Pack according to where you are going and what you intend to do.

Here is one reason why you need that cringy list, it will help you determine everything you need. Put them all on your bed or space you will be using to pack so that you would not forget anything.

3. Pack the least needed items first.

If you are going to a beach vacation or something, you won't be wearing your swimsuit on the same day as the travel unless you plan to head directly to the beach. So what you should do is pack things you think you will wear a bit later in your vacation first and keep the items you will be needing much sooner closer.


Most of us just throw things in the suitcase but doing that only takes up more space and even leaves your clothes wrinkled.

Fold them up (don't roll) and put them in whichever opening that you will see is open. Fill up all the little spaces with anything you think might fit.

5. Use A Vaccum Bag

If you have one too many clothes to pack, you can opt to use the vacuum bags, these will suck out all the air and leave you massive space, this is proof that air exists 😂.

6. Look Up A Carry On-Board List

Have you ever packed your amazing new body spray or lotion or even carried a wine bottle but were forced to leave it at the airport? yes! why use space you don't have? lookup the list of items your airline has a limit of, allows and does not allow. A common no is carrying any liquid above 100ml even if it's just a soda. So before wasting your precious space, check out your list before you pack.

7. Carry Smaller Packaging.

If you can't live without your favourite shampoo or lotion then your best option is to find smaller empty containers or bottles that you can use to put some of your faves in. Could be shampoo, soap, lotion, conditioner e.t.c

If you are packing away and you have one too many undies and bras, consider getting smaller or mini bags that you can store all the little things.

On one side you can use these mini bags and make more space in your luggage and you will know exactly where what is... #savesometime 

8. Pack Basic Must-Have Items First.

As much as this is very obvious, you would be surprised to see how not so obvious it really is. A lot of people forget to carry extra pairs of undies and so much more. So start packing those first as well!

9. Carry Your Shoes/ Bags According to Your Activities

My personal suggestion is to carry at least 2 pairs of shoes if you are really tight on space. You can wear one pair and tuck away the other pair. What I personally do is look up the activities that I plan on having and carry shoes according to that so If I have a lot of dinner dates... expect a good pair of heels in my suitcase.

10. Pack your outfits according to your activities

As much as we love to throw a couple of tees and jeans without carefully checking what we actually need and don't, you don't want to end up unpacking lots of outfits but actually have nothing to wear.

What I would do is lay out my clothes... even style them and take pictures in case I forget I can always go back to them and then pack what I decide to bring with.

11. Pack Clothes For Multi-Use

What I mean here is instead of packing one outfit per day... consider packing outfits that can be worn differently, styled differently. It's also best to look for washing options just so you know if you can wash then you might not need to carry that many outfits after all.

12. Cut The Weight By Wearing It

So you really want to bring along this leather jacket but it weights a bit much, the easiest way is to wear it and use the extra kilos to pack more items.

13. Don't Over Pack If You Plan To Shop

If you are like me then shopping is your kryptonite, if you plan to have a taste of stores in other regions or where you are going or even if you plan to bring back some presents, your best way is to not overpack so you don't have to leave items behind on your way back.

14. Use Your Handbag or Backpack to carry extra.

Okay so you get the cargo bag and hand luggage that are weighed but no one ever checks the weight for your personal bag. Use that!

I put all the heavy electronics on there and save so much space and kilos in my suitcases.


Don't stress too much over the packing idea, once you frown the task becomes harder. Think, it's just a quick activity you need to get done to have the best vacation.