Wig Colors Every Black Woman Is Chasing After

August 24, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

If you are a beautiful black woman you know the hair struggle is real...
We absolutely love our natural African hair but at the same time, it is our worst enemy.
Of course, products for natural hair like Cantu and Tcb Naturals help to make things a whole lot better for us but we can’t deny the occasional “I'm too tired to deal with this” episodes we get every now and then, which makes us turn to our long-lasting bff the wig!

I think the one thing we can all agree on is that a wig not only saves us from a bad hair day, but it gives us the option to show up in a new look every day... see? I am talking about brunette in the morning and blonde by midnight!

That leaves us with the question...
What wig colours do most black women go for now that do more than just save them from a bad hair day and transforms them into an unknown celeb?
Here are some colours you should look into

1. Platinum Black

While most of our hair colour is purely black, you must have observed that there is a pure dark black shade that is usually shiny than usual, you could almost see a reflection. 

This is caused by many years of trying to figure out which products suit you best or it could just be genes
Having a straight-up dark wig turns up the level of sophistication and all black women are shopping for those.

2. Blonde

Now, who doesn’t want to try this out?

3. Grey

4. White

5. Pink

There is something about pink that just brings out the pretty in you!
Wig makers have figured that out and they are using that to their advantage, I mean just look at how beautiful these are...

6. Orange

I know your first reaction is... “I am sorry... WHAT?” Ok! Now strip off the boring and overly screaming bright orange you have in your mind and think about the sunset for a second!
Relaxing and beautiful isn’t it?

Now think about that type of orange on your head... it is honestly beautiful and I just can’t wait to find the right orange wig to try on my head.

7. Ombre

Honestly, I think an ombre can work for or against you, it is not exactly something you can just pick up without calculating. With the right colour combination, this is a bomb and is the new bae in town. 
Most people have warmed up to ombres' and have gone all-in from dyeing their own hair, making ombre braids and getting ombre wigs...