7 Hair Colours That Dark Skin Women & Men Are Going For This 2020 According to the Co-owner of Bold Beauty Hair: Kabinti

August 18, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

If you are a dark-skin beautiful soul then you know one big struggle is finding colours that complement your skin colour. Sometimes we hustle with the reds and yellows for our clothes, and we are even careful about which lipstick shade or shoe colour we put on because the last thing we want is to look like some alien.

photo credits: adobe creative studio

When it comes to hair it's a whole other issue... am I right? first, find the best hairstyle and decide what colour we want to try on, and although the thought of a different hair colour might scare you, it's good to just switch it up sometimes and so we thought we could call on our girl and co-owner of Bold Beauty Hair and also a Youtuber Jacqueline Marwa a.k.a Binti, aka Kabinti to give us a bit of insight on what hair colours are dark skin women are going after because if there is a hidden pot of gold somewhere in this knowledge we want in on it and here are the 7 hair colours she swears are the hit for all dark skin beauties out there:

1. Blonde (with some dark roots): 

According to our beauty guru Kabinti, if you want to feel bold but not all the way, so more like having a sneak peek at the boldness and not being too far from home, this is perfect. Your melanin will pop out a lot more with the blonde colour on your head and the dark roots will still give you the comfort of your own dark hair, you should definitely give this look a go.

photo credits: Google

2. Burgundy: 

Wanting to feel sexy, and bold but don’t want to go all the way blonde, perhaps the shade is still scary for you or is a bit much for your steps, this look is perfect for you. 

3. Platinum Blonde: 

YOU'VE GOT TO BE DARING TO DO THIS COLOR. But it looks so good with the melanin. 

Recently this look has been all over socials, celebrities, fashion influencers and beauty gurus have all been giving us a taste of this look on the gram and while it is scary it is perfect because of the total opposite shades between our skin and the colour. trust me on this one! it's time for you to #standout

4. Ocean blue:

If you think of it, it is still summer so why go for dull colours?

That summer vibe feeling lives here!

5. Pink:  

Another very summery vibe look...

We at the style department absolutely love this hair colour not only because it is feminine but especially when it's on a man as it can be very bold and masculine as well. A lot of people think of pink as girly..... but no! think of it as a breath of fresh air #YOLO

6. Brown (either with black highlights or lighter brown highlights:  

This is for the laid back "I just want to touch the water with my toe" type of people. This look will make you look very sophisticated and beautiful.  It is usually not so far off from the natural hair colour so to give it a bit of a statement you can opt for highlights in either black or a lighter brown shade.

7. Platinum Black: 

And black shall live forever... So if you are looking for a wig or just braids go for platinum black, it is still black, maybe a bit darker than usual but you can never go wrong!

Bonus 8: Natural Black

Just take everything down to your own hair, treat it well and care for it. A lot of dark skin women now invest a lot into their natural hair and buying good products for natural hair, you can never go wrong with your own natural black hair.