TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO ROAD TRIPPING: This is what you need for your road trip

March 26, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Travel is everyone's dream. We all hope to hop on a train/ boat/ flight or even bus just to see the world and how everyone else is, outside our own comfort zone.
The sad truth is that half the time, it would require us to save up, do a lot of research and well... the getting up and actually doing it, is a whole other issue...
Unless you are financially #blessed, you will most likely find yourself in the pretty "save up for half a year, just to enjoy a brief three-day vacation luxe or no luxe" lounge with the rest of us.

Most of the times, the major issue is the "transportation" we wonder "uhh.... it costs a lot to get to that destination" and most of the time, we don't really go through with the trip, we spend the money up (unless we are really determined or accompanied) or we just end up travelling for work or family-related issues but nothing personal.

So Here... is that ultimate guide for you if you just want to toss yourself to jumping on your inner adventure kid.


Travelling doesn't necessarily have to take you to Paris or NewYork. Most of the time it is to help you unwind, connect with yourself, connect with loving yourself and generally just being a better person.
Trust me! travelling is good for the soul. You will never bump into a grumpy person who has just had some "them time" on travel.

1. Know your route

Where are you going? get a map! and I don't mean google maps that is just going to stress out your phone battery and you can't always have a good internet connection and quite honestly... there is just something about having a paper map that just turns on your inner adventurer.
Know your stops, know the duration, know where you are passing and of course, know which transport you need. Since it's a road trip well, I'm guessing you will be going for a bus, shares or a private car.

So get your glasses on if you need them, get your ticket, mark your starting point and see if you can identify some locations based on what you see on the paper map.

2. Transport 

Yes, we already mentioned it above... how are you going to make that trip? Will you rent a car? will you talk your friends into taking the trip with you and taking their car, or will you take your mom's car? Of course... having a private car is the best way to go at it but if a budget is a bit of a downer you can go for a bus and hit the road.

3. Music

What is a trip with no music? so you have to compile and make a playlist of your favourite music, get your speaker and/ or your earphones ready and blast it off.

4. Games

Depending on how far you are going, entertainment is a must! so grab some game boards and a deck of cards, download some "truth or dare" and some "never have I ever" and get ready to not get bored!
While you are at it... get some snacks and drinks for the road!

5. Bring Along Some Company

You need a friend or a group of friends with you on this trip. It will make it a whole lot interesting, fun and refreshing. It would also be a great way for bonding and budgeting, especially when it comes to food and rest. I mean imagine if you had to take a hotel room for 50 dollars, you can get a shared room and split the cost. You can switch driving with someone else and you can even split the gas bill.

6. Be Flexible and Spontaneous

Don't go about your trip with a laid out plan, of course, you need to know where you are going, and what you want to do but be open to a change of plan. Be spontaneous, follow where the wind goes. Do something out of your ordinary routine, mingle with the locals. You are more likely to enjoy your road trip than if you had it planned out.

7. Note All The Gas Stations

You will definitely need to stop after some time of drive, for a mini restroom break and perhaps smoke a cigarette. So it's better to know where you will be making all the stops and make sure your tank is full.

8.  Carry The Right Documents

Do you need your passport?  National Id? Birth Certificate? Road License? Driver's Licence? carry anything and everything necessary just in case you get stopped and are asked to show them.

9. HAVE FUN!!!