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We all feel a little drowned and exhausted sometimes and we just need a break, most of the times we take a day off and spend it at home with torn pants or go out to party and have a few drinks. While both may seem like an option we are most likely doing the same things on the weekends and holidays. That is a weekend refreshment but not what we truly need.

It's no doubt that every one of us has a secret desire to do a little travel, tripping and leisure experience but most of the time only a few of us get to follow through these desires and most of the time we travel on business trips which do not count and go to the same places over and over again which is exhausting.

So what if we make a habit out of saving up to visit our destinations in our secret desires? What if we create a rule for ourselves to treat ourselves and vacay at least once every six months or even once a year? And you don’t even need to go that far, all you need is a refresher.
We got you thinking right? And you are wondering where should you go and if you had to, how should you come about this the easiest way and not spend much?

Here are the 7 things to do for your next travel to avoid spending too much:

1. Check out backpackers

A backpacker is usually a place you can rent out while you are travelling and not staying for long. They are super cheap and some even offer breakfast. If you are alone you can opt for a shared room, you would meet new people and share the room with them, heads up! Sometimes it’s a mixed-sex room.

2. Check out An Air B & B

Although backpackers are sometimes cheaper, vice-versa is also true! All you have to do is go in the air b & b app and filter the price to your budget and voila! you have got a place to stay.

3. Make Connections When You Visit

Although this may sound a bit tricky and you would wonder can I trust this person, make a habit of creating a good relationship with the people you meet in areas you visit especially if they are natives. You might even score yourself a place you can crash next time you visit.

4. Engage in local activities

If you are visiting a place, try practice activities with the locals, if they have events happening, attend and get to meet people and see new cultures you might end up with a free tour guide.

5. Research before showing up

If you were visiting Zanzibar for example, research what are the interesting things to do there. This will help you prepare and know exactly what budget you are looking to have before you travel.

6.  Travel with Friends/ Family

If you are not really into looking for some alone time, you can try this out... the more the merrier and better for the budget. You can even make a road trip, take a car or rent a car, with more people the budget won't be a big problem.

7. ENJOY!!!

Plan to enjoy it and actually enjoy it! Cut off everything you left behind, have fun! Learn something new... think you don't always have to be on your phone. Make the most of your travel.
What I usually do is take pictures, post a few if any or just post when I am back home and you will be exploring to the maximum.