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Styling can be a real challenge to most guys especially skinny ones who always feel insecure about the body built, it's frustrating because it always feels like you can't really find something that is right for your body size or you just can't seem to not get the clothes right enough to fit your body frame.
Chances are you have tried everything from playing dress-up to workouts I mean that's the most help you would get in a local store, "workout and you will gain weight/ muscles" some may even advice supplements but for some reasons, none of it seems to work right? which is why you are here...

First, you need to know that everybody's body reacts differently and would explain why those supplements aren't really much of a help and the gym oh... that needs consistency and still, your body could be slower to build muscle or maybe workouts is just a painful stretch for you so what can you do?


We are here to offer you simple tips that will change your #skinnylife forever...

Let's get to it:

1. Wear Patterns

Say whaaat??? yes, we jumped right in there. 

Have you ever heard a common phrase most used by people with more bodyweight? "don't wear horizontal stripes" do you know why? this is because, for people of weight, horizontal stripes make them look wider, therefore, vertical stripes are the best go and my dear friend vice-versa is true...

Because you have such a skinny or even small build, vertical stripes are a big NO! for you instead, go with horizontals and you would be surprised how your look immediately changes and people will start asking you if you gained weight or muscle.

Next in the line are check, some called them drafts but well the same thing.

What you want are little boxes on that shirt, the little the size the more it will create an illusion that you have a bigger build than what actually is. Yes, you can even do medium checks, they work well too, same as larger ones however, I wouldn't suggest because they aren't as effective as others.

Okay I know you are thinking, Stacy you covered checks and stripes what about the area in between well here is the thing whether you are looking at graphics or florals make sure the patterns are in the same description, either horizontal of little.

2. Wear Perfect Fit

True story, most guys, probably you are among them, think there is no such thing as a perfect fit but darling I am here to tell you, you are very wrong there.
Most of the time, you tend to wear bigger clothes to create an illusion that you are bigger than you seem but let all those large clothes in your wardrobe burn or go to goodwill because that is a crime against style. Once again, vice-versa is true, avoid skinny fits too.

The one thing you want to avoid is to look like a spaghetti figure so all those super skinny jeans have got to go too!

INSTEAD, try wearing clothes that leave the right amount of space between the cloth and your body, if you are wearing a shirt or T-shirt always look at the space between your hand and sleeve, cloth and armpit and check to see if the shoulder blade on your shirt sits right on top of your actual shoulder blade. Whereas your pants have the perfect breathing space next to your skin and also lands perfectly on your ankle.

There is a very big difference between oversize and perfect fit, you could take a trip to a tailor to get some of your items customized for you.

3. Check Your Neck

Yes! as much as that sounds crazy to consider this, most of the times you thought about the area around your chest excluding your neck so... what if I told you, your neck is a part of the whole equation? Most likely your neck is just as skinny so it doesn't really work filling up all other parts of your body except the neck. Doing so just shows through all the skinny and all your efforts would be for nothing so instead...

Think about wearing t-shirts and shirts of a specific collar, it could be turtle neck, it could be a funnel or even zip neck hey... you can even throw in a light scarf if it all comes to that.

4. Wear Lighter Colors

Okay think about this for a second, have you ever heard someone say that putting darker colours in a room makes the room appear smaller while lighter colours give the opposite effect? so why can't it work the same for clothes??

Wearing white, beige, nude or even greys help make you look wider than you actually are so as much as you love your blacks, sacrifices need to be made but if you feel like cutting off your dark colour scheme for you is a little too much see the next point...

5. Layer Up

So we said to cut off the large, big clothes collection but we didn't mention that you have one exception, there are clothes that are naturally made and seem bigger this is not because they are oversized instead it's because of the type of fabric used to make them.
Think about denim jackets for a second, leather jacket, blazers or you know what? let's stretch out our hands a little and think about our dear textured fabrics for a second, we are talking about knitwear like sweaters, cardigans and lightweight wool. See? you don't have to completely cut off the dark scheme, you can pair them on top of lighter ones and vice-versa


So you can pair your perfect fit shirt or t-shirt with a denim, leather jacket or even add a cardigan on top of your shirt.
The trick to layering is making sure you have:
1. Color coordination
2. Visibility of all your layers so if you have a shirt with a tie on a v neck sweater on a blazer we want to see them all.

6. Wear The Right Accessories

As much as we love that large watch and large necklace it's a big no!!! they make you look skinnier and not to mention cocky so instead, go with a watch that fits your wrists perfectly and not covers it.
Go with an average size necklace and stud earrings if you wear any and the most important that always seems to be left out...
Don't wear a large tie, everything has to be proportionate so don't forget your ties people.

7. BONUS POINT: Confidence

What you need to realize is everyone has a light within and if that light doesn't shine through then all the efforts are for nothing. Your confidence is the best suit of all times and you need to find it a special hanger and spot in your wardrobe.
Make a change for yourself not for anybody else and if you are still thinking about hitting the gym, workout to build strength, not muscle it and to love yourself not to seek approval.

Let us know how these tips change up your style...

Stacy 💕

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