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Putting together an outfit is no joke for some of us out there, we spend way too much time and investments and we sure as cake take is seriously but sometimes a look just doesn't seem to have that polish or completion or that wow factor that we look for.... we all had this irritating moment and it's exhausting isn't it? because we just can't put a finger on it...

so how can we make an ordinary look, look extra? how can we make it get that extra glam?

What if I tell you all you need is a hat? WHAT??? I know right?...

 Here are the types of hats or basic hats everyone needs in their closet... to glam up any look, even if its pyjamas.

1. Fedora

You ever seen a hat that looks pinched towards the top front? That is a Fedora ladies and gents... It could be a slight pinch or a deep pinch depending on the size of the hat. The ultimate identification for a fedora hat is the pinch however you can find a different variety, some have a wider brim (the surface around the centre) and some have more decor. Some call them classic fedora and wide brim fedora.

2. Beret

This is a true definition of old is gold, these hats started as far back as the 1800 and are still ruling the streets and not just in France... but to everyone with a single style bone in their body.

3. Boater

So we see a lot of these along with straw hats during summer by the beach. These hats started with straws and now they have gone all the way to fabric and you can pull them off with any look.

with straw
with fabric

4. Marvin/ Beanie

Unlike the above hats, a beanie is usually woven or knitted from wool and is a head fit. There are also different types of beanies like a snug beanie which fits the head perfectly and a slouchy beanie which has extra fabric at the top. I mean there is no way I can explain it for you, just check it out...



5. Bucket Hat

Feel like you have a bucket on your head? well, bucket hats can help you feel better about your own day because they are absolutely stunning...

So there you have it, your ultimate guide to #stunning get at least two or three out of these hats on the list and let us know how you will use them with your outfits. My guess is you will use them for everything.