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Let's talk about modern homes for a second... everyone just loves a fancy home. Having friends and family come over and make them drop their jaws throughout the experience they get from visiting you is now a new sport but because of this massive creativity into breathing modern and beauty in home spaces, more rooms get born and most often confuse us and we wonder okay...!! so... what is that room for?


Most of the times we say "my friend has two living rooms" but we don't really know that there is a fine difference between these two rooms and sometimes we wonder why is this living room so serious and why is this living room so cosy? well once you know the difference it will never bother you again... so let's jump into it.

1. Location

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This is not so hard to figure out, most of the times living rooms are more upfront and very close to the main house entrance to make it easy for guests to settle in and not really get to see the whole of your house while trying to get them seated while family rooms are usually a bit hidden and far from the entrance, they would be in a corner next to bedrooms or perhaps even at the back of the house. basically, only family members and most trusted guests are allowed to that part.

2. Interior decor

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Remember how sometimes we wonder why is this room so serious? well... that's the whole purpose, living rooms usually feature fancy, cool and very outspoken work around it. We are talking about furniture, decor the placement of items inside it that will create a certain type of serious/ fancy lifestyle, we usually see pictures and paintings made by specific artists while the family room is usually the zone for cosy and will feature more family pictures and that sofa that no one wants to move from after sitting on it.

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3. Material

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Living rooms will make space so people can connect with each other, sometimes they may not even have a Tv set wherein family rooms, it's more chilling so less talk and more tv time.

4. Formality

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Living rooms are very exact, some may even be fancy and specific. All the furniture will be tied and connected in a way that they all come together. Usually, they feature sets of things, maybe a set of china, the sofa is an exact set, everything is as it was bought and as should be, you won't find anything that isn't meant to be there and you can tell everything was thought of before being added into the collection. Whereas family rooms are totally the opposite, not to say that they aren't thought of but it is most likely to find them super cosy and more comfortable than the living room, so bumping into so squishy sofas and a blanket isn't shouldn't be a surprise.

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5. Colouring

Another very obvious one, living rooms usually carry light colours that are cheerful and lifeful where us fam room would not necessarily feature dark colours but would most likely have colours that support rest and relaxation like green apple and shades of brown or blue. That colour automatically triggers your leg to go up the coffee table in front of you.

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To some this may be too much, to some this will be just what they need, let us know what you think on the comment section. Do you think you need that extra room to make a family space and preserve your guests in a separate area or you are an "I'll find a middle ground" type of person?