Best Affordable Online Fashion Shops That Ship Worldwide

January 11, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

We are all so acquainted with the feeling of wanting something so badly but not knowing where to get it. It is really frustrating when you walk up to almost every store in town but you still can't find what you are yearning for.

We have all been there before and that is why we are here with a list of online stores that you can buy from and from whichever part of the world you are sure to have it delivered to your doorstep or at least the nearest post office...


Yes! I bet you were thinking we were going to start with eBay! yes, eBay, Amazon and even AliExpress are all known online stores but in this list, we are looking to introduce some specific fashion stores you probably didn't know existed or if they can or would deliver to you.

So...where were we? yes!!.... ASOS is a fashion store and you can buy a wide range of products all the way from shoes, clothes to cosmetics. We love this store because it has such diversity, you can find something for you no matter your size, gender or colour and have them delivered directly to you. Not to mention, most of their products are very affordable and don't even get us started on the quality. Trust me! you will thank us later...

Honestly, this is one of my favourite sites to show from and I will tell you just why...
FIRST! their shipping fees are very low and depending on where you are, some areas are completely free of charge. They also have amazing discounts and deals, my personal favourite is the students discount, I am not a student any more but well... you could be! Their prices can go as low as 3 £ and the quality is amazing and really durable. They have a variety of products from clothes to accessories.
The only downside is they do not sell men collections. Sorry guys...but don't worry we go you on the next one...


3. Boohoo

Remember Pretty Little Thing, this is the parent of that! all services are pretty much the same quality, the only difference is Boohoo has men collection as well, equally good and stylish as what women are getting.

Another one of my personal fave! Nasty Gal ships worldwide and has very affordable prices and a large variety of products. Again sorry gents... the downside is that they focus on women clothing and accessories. 

5. FY

Fy is actually still new to me too but what caught my attention with this site is that it is not your 100% fashion only site rather it features beauty, accessories up to home decor and they ship worldwide, yes the prices are a bit higher compared to the other stores we jotted above but it is worth the MBs. We can assure you will find the inspiration for what to do for your home and still enjoy a good shop time.