5 Men Beauty Trends Taking Over 2020: Men DO YOU DARE TRY These Beauty Trends?

January 10, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Trends, trends, trends, where would we be without them?? I dare say that this here is the mark of a whole new revolution in makeup and fashion.

For so long it has been a notion that men shouldn't wear makeup but is that true? or is it just you? for sure celebs and popular men do a little skincare routine and an extra throw of makeup here and there for a better day to day look... but what are we thinking gents? is it a trend you would try? or is it a pass the ball kind of situation?
Makeup for men is not exactly new, there have been leading companies in the industry making male makeup products and have been successful in selling them. A good example is Tomford, they launched a men's concealer and gel brow comb back around 2016 and the line has been showing only positive outcomes.

You are still processing this right? that is because for so long people have been thinking of makeup as glam! editorial! intense! but honestly, you don't need all that much makeup daily. 
You can do very little and simple skincare and use a few products like lipgloss for getting the best look.

There is honestly no right or wrong way in this article for men to put makeup on, you can still preserve your masculinity and pull all the girls towards you with a natural makeup which gives a "no makeup" effect or you can go all Jeffree Star to show that you can glow and you are beautiful.

In my opinion, makeup is a way to express yourself and your self-love but men, DO YOU DARE TRY THESE TRENDS?

1. Foundation x Powder
The most basic thing you can put on your face, all you need to do is to find the same shade as your skin. What we would recommend is to also use a primer and apply before you use the foundation and/ or powder and say a big goodbye to the pimples and pores and get a flawless skin. 

2. Beard Filler

Okay, this is still on the manly side... ever felt like your beard needs a little boost? this is just the thing for you. Make the ladies lose their cool.

3.  Lips Don't Lie

Okay boo, no one wants nor likes cracks on lips, how are you going to ask your girl to kiss you if she can see your veins popping through your dry lips?

This is a no brainer darlings..., you need to apply this at least at night before you sleep if you are too embarrassed to walk out with it!

Pinterest> Moisturized lips
4. Eye Beauty
pinterest> Eye beauty
Talk about eyebrows, mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner, yes! men are stepping out of their comfort zone and they want attention, would you try it? or is it a little much for your taste? or can you twist it to a stylish masculine look?
See the picture on the right... what do you think? Is it a trend you would try or it is a "let it be gone with the wind" trend for you?

5. Coloured Hair

Yes, I know..., what's new here? well... we see colour jobs, black and blond dominating.. but how about a bit of a stretch? how about a few dashes of different colours? would you dare try?