5 Types Of Of Watches That Glam Up Every Woman

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Let's agree that every woman wants to be an eye candy. While some may be naturally blessed some of us have to go an extra mile to grab attention but one thing we all have in common is we want to believe we are eye candy. Which is why we invest a lot of time and money on clothes, make up and accessories.

For years arguments all over the world have been debating on two sides of the coin, most people argue that "you are beauty the way you are"and "Natural is beautiful" most of us respond with "well... i don't think so..." or "I make my own rules" either ways, there is nothing a good accessory cannot fix.

Many people would go for statement bangles or simple bangle but a good watch is always timeless and it just works with everything.

Here are the top 5 watches that can glam up every woman.

1. A Brand Watch

Let's start with how Michael Kors (MK) managed to turn our necks for as long as we can remember. Do you remember that? somehow, MK managed to creep into our minds but what most people do not know is that there are so many brands and you can find signature watches from any of them.
The key is to have an original or somewhat close to an original. Don't fall for the street Gucci that looks like enough sunlight can make it burn right on your wrist.


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Go to a decent store, be it physical or online, find a nice brand that does not look fake. You can always tell a fake from an original with the color, the gold looks like its saying "i woke up gold-ish pink and i am not rose gold" and the silver looks like a whitish grey. If its a rubber it would look like gum. Try to shake it see if you hear anything, Because you shouldn't! and the price will say a lot on whether we will see right through you or you will succeed to turn heads.

Try going online, to the brand store and see their prices or if you can directly buy from them to avoid fakes.

2. Double Strap Watch

Such watches are of the most timeless pieces, try to get one with a simple strap and not too much decorations because that will only limit your dressing options.


There are different brands that produce such watches, one of them is Hermes Paris. We thank you for the glorious gift.


3. Smart Watches

First they were so cool that someone could know what phone you have if you had a watch of that brand but now you can purchase a smart watch without possessing the phone. You can shop from different stores or online sites like amazon.


Not only are these watches cool, they are for more than just an extra touch as you can actually keep track of your health and still use your phone from your wrist.
So very useful!


4. Minimalist Watches

This is for the ladies that aren't into complications. The more simple the item, the better. This is by far one of our favorites, simply because less is more.
It is very easy to notice the watch because it does not scream on its on but it shouts in its own beauty and uniqueness.
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These watches usually have the same type of similarities, some don't have numbers, some don't have decorations and they are just plain and simple, some simply are!

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5. The Small Jewel

Nothing good as a simple tiny watch. Our favorite is rose gold but you can rock it with which ever you like, silver or copper.
The reason why we love this so much is first, you can pull it off in which ever occasion, second it always look like you are wearing a tiny bangle and third, it will elevate your look to a whole new level of classy.

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