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5 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Vacation

It is normal to build up a "must visit list" to only visit with your eyes. Most of us want to follow the dream and actually go through with the vacation, but only a few of us actually succeed in going all the way in.

The sad truth is, most people die without ever visiting places they wanted to and the other half ends up going to places they didn't intend to or somehow work flew them there, but is that really a vacation? or a stop by point?

Here is how you know the last few places you visited weren't a vacation for you;

  1. You had a time table, you had to get up early or had a specific routine to follow and people to meet or an errand to run
  2. Your Internet needed to be on the whole time to report and if it went off you would instantly worry
  3. You were picky with what to wear ( you were scared people would judge you if you walked out with booty shorts)
  4. You took a lot of Instagram selfies but you either wish you could have been in a certain angle or pose or keep looking at it because somehow it tells you that this is a vacation.
  5. You can't wait to get to bed by the end of the day and not because you had too much fun but because you had too much to do that you just can't process anymore.
  6. You weren't as excited as you should have been. You were looking forward to it but weren't going bananas over the trip
  7. You were with workmates or family traveling for the sake of something else and not intending on relaxation
  8. You kept thinking of how much you can save if only you did not buy presents or skipped a meal.
If you have more than three crossed out then.. 


Vacations are refreshing

When was the last time you did something just for you? not because you are escorting someone or because your boss ordered you to.
Do you wonder why the headaches won't stop and the stress keeps pilling up? sometime you catch a fever but you aren't really sick?

Well you should know that vacations are very good to release the extra pilled up stress.

Some vacations maybe over night and some don't have to be especially if our paper friend living in your wallet isn't so healthy. You can go by the beach and relax all day, don't think about transportation, set aside some Uber cash for when you leave late. Order out, don't think you have to get home to cook just think of nothing more than 5 minutes from that moment. seize the moment and enjoy it. Be selfish a little.

Vacations Open Your Mind

Go places, see places, experience moments.

This will help you have more open opinions and better understanding to people. Accept that you do not know everything, besides, no one likes a "know it all".
Even when you think you know something, let it go, act like you don't, you never know, you might be missing something.
If you are a workaholic, and your boss is always there to remind you how much work you should do, this should be your moment! opening up your mind will help you see things you never saw before. Who knows? you could learn something well enough to be your own boss.

Make Memories

The last thing you want as an elderly person is to tell your grand kids that the best thing you ever did was take the bus to the office everyday or get a car or a house.
You want to tell them tales that make them look up to life. But how can you if you are not making memories and seizing the moment?

Meeting New People

You never have too many friends. Vacations will connect you to know people that are perhaps interested in what you are interested in and builds connections. Imagine if you met an Italian and before you know it, you have a trip to Italy. You already have a host in Italy it's going to be very hard to trick you as a foreigner.

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Its Okay To Be A Little Selfish

Selfishness isn't the worse that could happen to you. As long as it is not extreme, this is a way of loving yourself. So what is so wrong with treating yourself?

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