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Written by: Tommy
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Ever thought about the times before Netflix? or the times you couldn't stream from your phone and had to watch Tv commercials in full? yes! I am talking about the '80s and '90s.
Who wouldn’t want a little taste of the iconic 80s and 90s? okay! maybe not the Tv commercial and no Netflixing part! but the good old times when everything was BIGGER, WILDER, BETTER. Fashion, music, movies were all so bright and distinctive, it doesn’t matter. These were decades of creativity.

Most of our young generation don't really look back to the time before us... but there are is so much to look back to, to learn from, to experience and enjoy and so today we will be counting down Top 10 Best Movies of these well-remembered times. If you haven’t watched them yet now is the time to put them in your list. Trust me you won’t regret it!

10. Dangerous minds

This movie is indeed hilarious and heartbreaking. Staring the wonderful Michelle Pheiffer playing Louanne Johnson- and ex-Marine who later starts working as a teacher in high school. Through the movie, you see her up and down relationship with her students who later become her family.

9. Empire records

It's one of the best indie movies I think I have ever seen. It tells the story of a few friends who work in a record store. At first, the characters seem like normal teenagers but later in the movie you get to see how complex and different they all are. They have to face some challenges that put their friendship at risk but at the end... oh I guess you’ll see!

8. Dirty Dancing

Spending the summer at a Catskills resort with her family Frances “Baby” Houseman, a sweet daddy’s girl unexpectedly takes the place of Johny Castle’s dance partner. As she struggles at first discovering her talent later she becomes one of the greatest dancers and falls in love with her partner Johny Castle who returned with the same feelings. It is heartwarming watching these two having "The time of their lives"... get it? oh well, you have to watch it to get it!

7. Now and then

The movie represents the story of four 12- years- old girls and their never-ending summer adventures. They are best friends and every one of them struggles with their complicated lives, trying to figure out their place in this world. Later in the movie, we get to see them as grown-up lovely women still sharing an incredible bond. Its a story of a beautiful friendship, troubled families and a little touch of summer love.

6. The Addams Family

Okay, you must have at least seen the cartoon version or even just hear about this iconic fiction. 
This one goes to all the Tumblr kids, with dark humour, It is hilarious and creepy to see the Addams family. They are live life characters from the scary bedtime stories you hear as a child. Their house is full of deadly traps and has a chopped- hand as a servant. Yes, it may seem terrifying but it's not I promise. They are actually a really “happy” family.

5. The parent trap

 Maybe one of the most iconic movies of this era. Staring Lindsey Lohan who plays both Hallie Parker and Annie James. Two identical twin girl separated at birth but still find a way back to one other. When they become friends their one mission in life is to bring their parents back together but they have to face difficult challenges among the way.

4. Clueless

Cher is daddy’s rich popular girl in high school. All the boys crush on her and all the girls want to be her. But what people don't know is that she is actually a normal teenage girl, trying to figure out life. As the movie goes we get to know that she is a good friend and would do anything for her friends.
She is absolutely not interested in boys at the moment, what she wants to focus on is her way to get good grades and driver lessons. Of course, it doesn’t last long as she faces some boy trouble and discovers the prince she never knew she wanted.

3. When Harry met Sally

Harry and Sally literally have the longest, complicated and yet adorable story. They have known each other for years but they are too scared to be friends because Harry does not believe that a man and woman can just be friends. After Sally convinces him otherwise they develop a true friendship, they understand each other even though they are entirely different. But of course, we see the spark between their so cold friendship. Later in the movie, we find they are perfect for each other and make a great couple but they are both too hurt from past relationships to even try to be something more.

2. Heathers

Staring Winona “Iconic” Ryder, Heathers is not the typical teenage drama. It’s a dark movie that shows how far a person can get when he lets his emotions guide him. Veronica is on the Heathers club-the popular girls who everyone secretly hates including Veronica and her love interest J. D. Inspired by their hate Veronica lets J. D and his psychotic mind lead her to do very bad things. Both of them decide to run on a killing spree dedicated to murder all the so-called cool kids

1. The breakfast club

Becoming of age story that can totally warm and break our hearts. A few teenagers in high school get stuck in detention together. They have absolutely nothing in common and usually, they pass each other in the corridors but after they get so spend many hours alone they eventually become friends. They all live in a different world from each other and yeah, at first we see a lot of bad blood between them but in the end, they see that beyond their differences they are actually quite alike. They all reveal their deepest secrets and fears. Talking about the future and dreams they represent all the teenagers who struggle to find someone who understands them. This movie can break your heart at many times but still, we can not help but love it so much.