Do You Keep Track Of What You Do? Here Is Why,How and Some Apps That will Make You Life Easier

August 07, 2019 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Do you keep track of what you do? It is very easy to note down things you have to do or buy but how many of us really keep track of what we do?


If we are being honest, most of us never finish the to-do list, we can get half way through it but rarely finish it all.
Well, as important as it is to keep track of what you are suppose to do, equals the importance to cross out and see what you have been doing.

Here is why..

1. Like we said we don't always finish the list we make so if you keep track of what you did and did not do,you have better chances of finishing the list

2. For Monitoring your activities and progress, if you are a person that likes improvement, then you definitely need to start taking better track of your day to day activities.
If you are a person that loves to argue, it is going to be very hard for someone to say you did something when your list and note says you did not. It is good to rely on your brain, it is sort of a mental exercise but the older you grow the more things you have to bottle up and that is just mental exhaustion.

3. It will actually help you plan better, yes, how do you make your to-do list if you have millions of things to do? first you will very easily skip on some tasks that could even be more important simply because your mind is over loaded.
Keeping track of what you do will not only help you know what you should do best but will help you be a better time manager and not tell so many lies to your friends for if you can make it or not.

There are many reasons more as to why keeping track is important to any modern person but the big question in your mind is , so how do I do it? Do I just need a paper?
Well, If you are an old fashion pen and paper type of person we suggest the following ways:

1. Carry A Note Book

A loose paper can easily get lost so actually carrying a note book with you everywhere will easily help you keep track of what you have just done. Just pull it out (the notebook and pen 😀 ) every time you feel like you have completed a task.

2. Buy A Wallet With A Built In Notebook

Yes, they exist, every time you pull out your wallet, it will be a reminder that you need to note something down. What better reminder do you need?

3. Reflect and Note On A Diary

Although this may not be as sufficient as you have to rely first on your memory. You can get back home or at the end of a work day, take out your diary and start reflecting and noting. Another way is to use all the above and transfer them to your diary for a better safe keeping.

Although pen and paper still works and no one can hack ink, there are still better ways to preserve your data in just a second. Improved technology never seems to fail us in making our lives easier, which is why you can turn to apps that are built specifically for that.

Here Are 5 Apps You Should Try Now!!

You know its a good app when you can sync the list to all your devices through your mail, which means it won't be easy to loose your data and you can use them in every device.

1.& 2. Google Keep & Task
 With these two apps, you can put down ideas, set a to-do list and even set reminders. It will update you every step of the way.

3. Google Calendar

This is just a calendar but believe us it is just as useful. You can use it for both keeping notes of what you did on which day and plan ahead. It will also sync and give you all notifications to remind you of a task or event.
You can also set a goal with calendar and it will motivate you to try reach it.

4. Evernote

Another amazing app, syncs with all your devices and even allows you to change templates to keep it more interesting.

5. Swipe

Now this is not so famous but we like it because you can add a team and hold discussions. You can open different pages and still keep your own personal privacy. The best part of this app is that you can still sync it with other apps like Evernote.