Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Matte Lipstick

September 10, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

 It's 2020! and although we have seen and lived through enough tragedy for one year we still have to hold our heads up. After staying in for so long, we feel deprived with what we would normally do or wear on day-to-day!

Yes, we have to keep our masks on which ends up being very pointless to put on some lipstick but actually when we get the chance to show it we take it.

Speaking about masks... has anyone else noticed just how dirty they get when you put on normal gloss lipstick? well... that is why I am here to give you all the benefits of going matte!

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1. Don't worry about messing up your mask!

Yes! if you use a good original matte lipstick you don't have to worry about the mess on the mask, as it will be minimum! whereas having gloss on just transforms the mask into a whole other colour, it definitely doesn't look nor feel good.

2. It lasts longer than the average gloss lipstick

If you put on your lipstick when you leave the house and do not remember to check till after lunch then this is definitely the one for you.

Eat, drink, speak but guess what? it is still going to be there.

3. It is the high fashion trend

If you are into trends and you always want to stay up to date then you should probably know this is what all beauty gurus and celebs are going for. The dry finish just gives your make up an amazing finish and that is what we want!

4. Works anytime!

As much as we still have a special place for gloss... matte takes the crown home in my opinion! you can wear this look at any time of the day and any season and not have to worry about it melting off or freezing up a layer on the top of your lips.

5. It stays where you put it

Although others may argue that they do not like the fact that it does not wash off easy at the end of the day, we think that is a problem that can be fixed with some wet wipe and if you must, vaseline (I tried it! it works...) 

What we love most about matte lipstick is that it stays right where you apply it, it won't start feathering and pulling away and I bet nobody wants to deal with that anymore.

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Let us know if you are a matte user, if yes what is your fave shade? if you aren't would you give this a try?

Stacy 💕