Your Lips Are Calling for Your Attention If You See These Signs

May 19, 2020 Being Anastazia 0 Comments

Our lips are a very important part of us, can you imagine going a day without using them? Not a chance...!! the sad part, however, is that we use them so much that they are just so natural to us and we don't really consider taking care of them.

That is how we end up with bitter, dry and cracked lips or worse bleeding lips.
That is just not sexy. So here are the signs that you need to start paying attention to your lips:

1 Colouring

What is the natural colour of your lips? Have you ever had a moment where you think your lips are a bit darker or a different shade than usual?
It could even be very slight?.... Well, that is the first sign to look out for. Your lips should always maintain its natural colour and if you sense a change, it's time to start caring for them.

2. Pain

Sometimes you have no cracks but yet you feel like your lips hurt. More like there are some invisible cracks on them?
Chances are your lips are reacting to something and most of the time your own saliva could be the cause.
You see... saliva is a catalyst, it speeds up a reaction and you licking your lips every 5 minutes is speeding up your mouth cracks to actually happen.

3. An unusual dryness

I mean sure there is some wind outside but your lips feel like you have to peel them with a stick to open up your mouth. Now that's a huge cry for help. Pay attention to your lips. Try moisturizing with lip balms or even some vaseline. It helps big time.

4. Cracking and/or bleeding

That's it, its official, your lips are on fire! Licking them only makes it worse. You need help! Apply moisturizer and you can also see a specialist when the problem is persistent.

5. Rashes

Some times you can spot some rashes just a little bit under or around your lip border. Chances are, it's a result of over licking your lips or even being sick. So try to avoid licking your lips and check your fever. Use lip balm when you feel like your lips are too dry.

Do you experience any of these symptoms....?? I hope this article helped you understand why some things are happening especially if your guy/ girl is hesitant to kiss you.
Always pay attention to every single part of the body and document it in your mind so that you can tell when the slightest changes occur.