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3 Beauty Products You Should Never Share

Written; By Elvis 360

Edited By; Elvis 360 + Stacy Oswald

Any beauty product that comes in a jar. If you have to dip your fingers into a cleanser, day or night cream, eye creams, foundation, lip balm, etc., it's best that you (1) wash your hands before coming into contact with the formula and (2) keep that product for your own personal use.
Making a "homemade extra everybody else's finger dipping" recipe cream is the last thing you want to make if you're going to be applying it to your face, especially since your body absorbs 60 percent of whatever you apply on your skin (and the bacteria that comes with it).

Pressed foundation. Dry powders don't hold onto bacteria the way that wet formulas do, but that doesn't mean you can't transfer bacteria from one person to another—especially if you're using a sponge to touch up areas around your mouth or eyes. The only safe way to let your girlfriend use your pressed powder, should she need to touch up her shiny forehead in a selfie emergency, is to spray the powder with an alcohol-based spray, like BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist, give her a clean makeup brush to use, and have her swipe it over pressed powder once.

Powder shadows. Powder shadows are OK to let your friends use as long as you spray them down with alcohol. Don't have any handy? Don't take the risk of transferring eye germs because pink eye or another eye infection will not be a good look.

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