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Written by; Yuness M. Nelson

 Edited by; Stacy Oswald

Black boyfriend shirt
 Black Boyfriend Watch

When you look at Chemical the first thing you notice is Strength, Confidence and determination.

 Blue Blazer
Light blue stripped Trousers
 Big Gold Earrings

 Female rapper whose talent is just wow...!  We are guessing it was'nt so easy to make it as a female emcee in Tanzania given that competition is very high and mostly male-oriented, we've got to give to her, she really made a name for herself. Rising from an ordinary family she really is an inspiration.

 FaLiBe in collaboration with Sagula decided to put a taste on this girl's style and you cannot believe what an experience it was!
 Charm, flexible and fun made it the best moment ever and you may even want to just work forever beside her!

Black boyfriend shirt
Jean trousers

But before we get to the pictures, checkout this interview that we did  during her makeup and discover a lot of amazing facts you didn't know about Claudia A.K.A CHEMICAL whose name was given at the studio due to her flaming verses and burning lyrics;

 FaLiBe: How can you describe your style?

CHEMICAL: Simple and flexible.

 FaLiBe: Who has been your lifetime inspiration in music and lifestyle?

CHEMICAL: A lot but mainly I would say it's Ciara and Nicki Minaj.

 FaLiBe: So, apart from music, what else do you do?

CHEMICAL: Actually I'm a Masters degree student majoring in heritage.

 FaLiBe: What/Who would you like to be portrayed as?

CHEMICAL: Confident and strong.

 FaLiBe: What would you like people to know about you that they do not know?

CHEMICAL: I'm soft, I cry, I love. I think that's what people do not know about me and they just end up assuming stuffs like because I'm a tomboy means I'm hard but that's not true at all.

 FaLiBe: What do you think about people's opinions on your style?

CHEMICAL: I think they should concentrate more on my music because they can not change my style that I'm comfortable in.You cannot force me to change, I will when I see it fits.

Denim jacket
White Tank Top
Ripped shorts

White one shoulder Top 
 Ripped Blue Jeans
Safari Boots

See through free-size shirt
sports bra
yellow waist bag
Blue ripped shirt

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