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Graduation season is here, some of you might have already done it some of you might still be in the pressure to do it.... no! let me correct that, some of you might still be having the "excitement" of doing it. 

At this point and time you are wondering where will i get my shoes from, "Frank Knows?" "Lavidos?" "Mrp?" and the outfit? "Sagula?" where..? the pressure is on ... and time is up... well as much as we can tell you what to wear, we would like to share also what "NOT TO WEAR" to your graduation. 

Here is a top 5 of what to and not to wear.,,

1. Exposing fit 

Honey... you are graduating, you are getting out there, you want to be out there. You want to be respected for your hard earned achievement not looked at like you are in the wrong place and time. Now don't get us wrong, its a free country and you can wear what you want but there is a a place and time for each look.
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 Instead go with an elegant fit.

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2. Avoid Big Bird fro Sesame Street

Growing up this was one of my favorite characters in Sesame street, please stop making me hate birdy! 

Yes I get it, its the trend, it's the new thing and it is really okay! what is not okay is for you to put it on not knowing what flatters your figure and what doesn't and the biggest mistake of all is buying one that looks all cheap and fake. 

Now! back to the point, this kind of dress isn't exactly what's best for your graduation because the material alone is exhausting top it up with the graduating gown, even worse, you will get exhausted before the party even starts so instead of wearing this, replace again with a flattering dress and if you really must wear this dress, go with less feathers and more originality and good quality, but seriously it really looks like a party dress so..... DON'T!

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3. Too much make up

Okay! girl you graduating not role playing, what you want is some amazing nude make up that flatters your skin and will make you glow but will not change who you are.

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If you must apply colors, go with some single shades, don't turn your face to a circus act.

4. Pantsuits and Jumpsuits Oh..My!


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See.. sometimes, simplicity is key!

5. Statements!

Don't get me wrong, I am all about statements but what most people don't realize is every place has a level to be stated, I mean... why show up to your graduation looking like you about to win the Oscars? and again nothing wrong with what you choose to wear is where you choose to wear it.

Believe me when I say, if you think you are excited now... wait till you have to throw your cap to the air... this type of clothes will get in the way trust me.

This is your day, this is your shining time... you want to remember it with a great photoshoot and a great look....!!

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