The Future Generation Of East African Fashion

December 04, 2018 DIRECTOR POWER HOUSE 0 Comments

Meet RitaMary Angel  Kulusenga, A 17 years old girl, a high school student and amazing fashion designer from Burundi, she happens to be in Tanzania for the best fashion show named ''Swahili fashion week.''
Imaging people she flew with from her home town to meet the most inspirational designer and so as to express her artwork that she organized. Apart from having a wonderful and talented family she made her way into the fashion industry on her own believing she can make it regardless what the
challenges she had to face.

We all have our role model or public figure we look upon as for her she is much inspired with
Of course we all find our role models from people who are famous in one way or another, people when mentioned you all image great things that they did or continue do.

Rita’s family is a very talented family with noticeable talents like musicians, singers and producers despite of being religious they kept art as their profession, we can simply say talented blood keep flowing throughout her stream. She is living with her mother who is a nun but used to be A Super Model in her early carrier.

Her mother’s sad story is so touching so we would love to share to the world believing
it will make a change to our life as women.
At her grown life Rita's mom never wanted to get married as much as many ladies would love, before she became a nun, she accidentally got raped and got pregnant , she decided to keep the pregnancy and she gave birth to Rita, you can imagine how difficult it was to
make such decision .

''if such incident had happened to someone else somehow she would have thought of
committing suicide or something silly and regrettable to make her feel better''

She picked herself up and bundled up her courage and raised the child, later she became a nun to proceed her long within call, because of Mother's decision we now have amazing Fashion designer who became a wonderful woman as her mother or any mother would have wished.

This life story from Rita's mother may be the come back to all women around the world.
Do not mind the people who laugh at you and discouraging you on the decision you want to make
with your life, you want to become a designer, a teacher, a dancer, a model and so be it do what
you love. People will look for your weakness and use it to punish you. Fight it and look forward
do not let people take an advantage out of it to destroy you!
Early pregnancy is a global problem now but people differ in counter measures they take concerning the situation, after all its your child and it is your health, so make a good decision for the both of you (Mother and the Child)

Thank you😊