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Michael Jackson once said the hardest task he had was to top himself up every time he performed. The audience wants more and he has to prove himself better each time than the last. We would like to believe that these are the makings of a true legend and Martin Kadinda is exactly this.

Before we proceed any further to speak about the legend in the making, take a look at his work from his last year's collection  GADABOUT

The fascinating story is just how we wonder and question what new innovation he will put on the stage and this man slaps us flat on the runway with his 2018/2019 gladiator inspired" collection watch 

Honestly! The tension of having to wait to see what he brings next was high but, the wait was totally worth it.

We would say this year and all the years before were great for the designer not only did he stomp the show into our hearts, he won countless awards rewarding his great work including African Designer of the year #Nigeria and five years in a raw Khimji Mens Wear Designer of the year 2018 #SFW

We would like to believe fashion isn't only about the sketching and the buying and the making, it's about being unforgettable! and Martin Kadinda, you are unforgettable.

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